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CCSv7 Changes

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With the release of Code Composer Studio v7 TI is no longer charging for licenses. You can simply download the tool and start using it. Along with this the end user license agreement has changed to a simple TSPA compatible license.

Resource Explorer

Resource Explorer now discovers software packages available in the cloud that are relevant to your chosen device family. You can get started quickly with a wide selection of example applications. Development tool documentation and training content has also been added. Note that TI-RTOS is now available for download from Resource Explorer.


The Eclipse application framework has been upgraded to version 4.6. This does not represent a significant change over the version included in CCSv6 but does offer a number of small improvements and enhancements.


The installation program has been simplified. Device families are more clearly listed and when you select the family you get the features and components you need to develop software for that family.

GUI Composer

The new GUI Composer v2 tool for developing host GUIs to interact with applications running on your target device has been integrated.


The 16.9.x LTS (Long Term Support) compilers have been integrated for MCU and connectivity families (MSP430, ARM, C2000). Both the TI and GCC compilers are installed by default for ARM based MCU and connectivity families.

Device Support

Stellaris LM3 and LM4 devices are no longer supported in CCSv7. TM4 devices are still supported.

For C55x devices it is necessary to install the compiler via App Center. This change is necessary as there is an additional license agreement for the compiler that has to be agreed to that is different from the new simplified license that CCS is under. There is no fee for the compiler, just the requirement to view and accept the agreement.