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Introduction to Texas Instruments C2000™ Microcontrollers

C2000 devices are 32-bit microcontrollers with high performance integrated peripherals designed for real-time control applications. Its optimized core can run multiple complex control algorithms at speeds necessary for demanding control applications. Powerful integrated peripherals combined with the SPI, UART (SCI), I2C, CAN, and McBSP communication peripherals make C2000 devices the perfect single-chip control solution.

Electrical Specifications

Electrical specifications can change between devices, peripheral types and device families. Always refer to the data manual and errata for a particular device for Electrical Specifications.

Getting Started

If you are new to C2000, please check here for some C2000 getting started links.

C2000 MCU Family Device Links

The following links provide easy access to more advanced technical information regarding C2000 devices. Each link provides access to a category on that particular topic.

Concerto™ Series

Please also visit

Piccolo™ Series

Please also visit

Delfino™ Floating-Point Series

Please also visit

C2000 Fixed-point

C2000 Peripherals

For a list of peripheral user guides for each device family refer to SPRU566. The following are C2000 peripheral Wiki Categories:


Please visit the Wiki C2000 Applications Category which contains helpful information such as the C2000 Motor Control Primer.

Training and Workshops

The C2000 workshops are a hands-on technical courses facilitated by qualified Texas Instruments instructors.
Visit the C2000 Training Category to access current and archived workshop material.

Development Tools

The Development Tools for C2000 category includes information on:

  • C2000 Development Tools
  • Codegen Tools - FAQ's, Tips, Tricks
  • Code Composer Studio - Getting started, portable projects
  • ControlSUITE™
  • Software - IQmath etc.

To see all of the information in this category, click here: Development Tools for C2000.

Other Resources

To discuss technical questions, the E2E Community is a great resource. Visit

Forums on the E2E site include:

and many more...

All C2000 Links

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