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Introduction to Delfino™ Floating-Point Series: TMS320F2837x[edit]

The Delfino TMS320F2837x family is based on the C28x floating point processor integrated with non-volatile and volatile memories along with C2000 control peripherals.

The TMS320F2837x series features both dual core(F2837xD) and single core(F2837xS) variants. Both families operate up to 200MHz CPU clock rate and offer up to 1MB of flash memory and 204KB of RAM.

The Delfino devices are supported by two new modular controlCARD tools designed to jump start development of real-time control applications such as servo drives, renewable energy, power line monitoring and driver assistance.

TI Documentation[edit]

  • Always refer to the official TI Data Manuals for the latest electrical specifications and timing information:
  • Always review the silicon errata for important exceptions to device behavior:

Hot Topics[edit]

New Peripherals[edit]

There are many new peripherals available on the F2837x family of devices for the first time within the C2000 product line. Below is a quick listing of those peripheral along with some FAQs. Full documentation is contained in the F2837xD Technical Reference Manual.

  • Sigma Delta Demodulator
  • TMU(Trigonometric Math Unit)
  • EMIF(External Memory InterFace)
  • uPP (Universal Parallel Port)
  • 16-bit/12-bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter)

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