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This page lists some of the online training available for the C2000 family of MCUs.

Technical Videos[edit]

These are technical or demo videos. Some are short, some are long.

Newer videos can be found on:
A more complete list can be found on:
Videos include the following (and a lot more!):


Peripherals, Modules and CPU[edit]

Control Law Accelerator[edit]

Floating-Point Unit[edit]


Overview Videos[edit]

These are very short overview videos.


Peripherals, Modules and CPU[edit]



The C2000™ workshops are a hands-on technical courses facilitated by qualified Texas Instruments instructors. The workshop steps the user through system initialization, peripheral setup and programming an application into flash memory using the on-chip CCS Flash Programmer. Every lab exercise builds on the previous lab exercise, running a common application theme throughout the workshop.

Wiki pages for individual workshops can be found below.