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  • For algorithms related to Audio, Voice, Telecom, Imaging/Video, Networking, and for more DSP Libraries, see the C5000 Software Algorithms page.

DSP Library

  • The DSP Library (DSPLIB) is a collection of high-level optimized DSP function modules for the C55x DSP platform. This source-code library includes C-callable functions (ANSI-C language compatible) for general signal processing math and vector functions that have been ported to C55x DSPs. The functions listed in the features section are specifically optimized for the C55x DSPs.
  • DSP Library

Software Frameworks

C5000 Chip Support Library

  • The C55x Chip Support Libraries (CSL) provide an application programming interface (API) for configuring and controlling the DSP on-chip peripherals for ease of use, compatibility between various C55x devices and hardware abstraction. CSLs will shorten development time by providing standardization and portability. Please see the C5000 Chip Support Library page.

C5000 USB Software

C5000 Software Development Tools

C5000 Software Support

  • C5000 E2E Forum
  • Check the External Bug query for C5000 here.
    • Note if if login is prompted, put "readonly" for username and password.

C5000 Software FAQ

Q: How do I read/write (fread/fwrite) on the C5000?

Q: How do I do a create overlays on the C5000?

  • A: Please check "Linker Generated Tables" section in the Linker User manual TMS320C55x Assembly Language Tools User's Guide (SPRU280) *
  • A: Basically, you use unions and then setup the load/run addresses in the linker command file. You need a SW routine to copy the overlay, but linker generated copy tables automate that.

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