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C6-Integra™ Overview[edit]

NOTE: C6A816x & C6A814x is TI does not recommend using this part in a new design (NRND). 
TI recommends that customers consider DM8148 or DM8168 solutions, which are pin-to-pin and software compatible devices to the C6A816x devices. 
DM8148 and DM8168 provide equivalent ARM® and DSP performance with the addition of HD video acceleration. 
Please see the DM8148 or DM8168 pages for more information. 

There is no impact to OMAP-L1x family of processors

C6-Integra™ DSP + ARM processors are highly-integrated programmable platforms which leverage the real-time signal performance of a fixed/floating point DSP and the host processing capabilities of an ARM processor.

C6-Integra™ DSP+ARM® platform of processors include a high-performance line, featuring the C6A816x generation of processors as well as a value line, featuring TI’s low-power OMAP-L1x application processors. These processors address your need for an optimum combination of real-time signal processing, advanced graphics and display capability, high-speed connectivity, and simplified development. The complete platform is supported by a robust offering of development tools, allowing you to rapidly develop and differentiate your applications.

C6-Integra Application Processors
video platform video management video solutions video player
Introduction to C6-Integra™ ARM + DSP® Application Processors

Examples of applications that benefit from the integrated real-time signal processor and connectivity/networking/OS management:

The purpose of the C6-Integra™ wiki is to foster cooperative development among the C6-Integra™ developer community. This site is a companion to the C6-Integra™ information found on the C6-Integra homepage.
We encourage you to spend some time reading through what's here today, adding to it, and creating your own topics, tips and tricks. TI will continue to author and monitor content on this wiki to ensure it stays up to date.

EZ 1-2-3 Design Companions[edit]

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C6-Integra™ Devices

Step 1: Evaluate the Device

<imagemap> Image:OMAP_L137_SI_Graphic.jpeg |200px default desc none </imagemap>

Step 2: Design the Hardware

<imagemap>Image: LogicPD_OMAPL138_Exp_Kit.JPG|200px default desc none </imagemap>

Step 3: Design the Software

<imagemap>Image:CCS_Graphic.JPG |200px default desc none </imagemap>

(ARM926® + C674x DSP)
OMAP-L137 Device Evaluation OMAP-L137 Hardware Design Guide OMAP-L137 Software Design Guide
(ARM926® + C674x DSP)
OMAP-L138 Device Evaluation OMAP-L138 Hardware Design Guide OMAP-L138 Software Design Guide
(ARM® Cortex-A8 + C674x DSP)
C6A816x Device Evaluation C6A816x Hardware Design Guide C6A816x Software Design Guide

C6-Integra™ White Papers[edit]

White papers for C6-Integra Devices

White papers specifically for the C674x DSP

C6-Integra™ Videos[edit]

Feel free to check out these articles and videos created by our team!

Overview Videos

Demonstration Videos

End Application Videos

Videos in Chinese

C6-Integra Device Directory[edit]

C6 Integra processors
Devices Platforms Operating Systems Tools Support Components Programming

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