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Training material for Code Composer Studio v7 is now integrated into Resource Explorer inside CCS or Under the the Development Tools -> Integrated Development Environments -> Code Composer Studio section, you can explore all of the training material available for CCS including workshops, training modules and videos:

Ccsv7 rex ccs package.png

The below url is a direct link to the Code Composer Studio documentation and training collateral on the TI Cloud based Resource Explorer:

Note that the new Resource Explorer has explicit device support for the following device families:

  • MSP430
  • MSP432
  • CC13x0
  • CC26xx
  • CC32xx
  • TM4
  • mmWave (AWR/IWR)
  • C2000
  • Sitara

If you are using a device from a family not listed above, your device/board will not appear in the drop down list. There may still be collateral applicable to your device, but you will not be able to explicitly filter all the content for it. It is also recommended to check the product page for your device on

For older CCS versions, visit the below links:

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