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ClearQuest is an IBM Rational server software that is used by TI for tracking and managing compiler and library issues of many sorts. There is a basic read-only access to the public entries there and there are elevated customer and TI member accounts that allow to manage private issues.

Instant read-only access to the public entries can be achieved by following this link:
The above link in principle equals to a manual login using:

Typical issue IDs are looking like this (samples):

  • 1989 - Incident report (old style without prefix), e.g. once used for C2000, C55, Grace, Presto!, ...
  • SDOCM00107839 - Incident Report on library or software packages, e.g. DSP-BIOS, MCSDK, IPC, ...
  • SDSCM00050006 - Incident Report on development environment and tools, e.g. CCS, CGTs, emulation/simulation, TRACE, ...

A search box is offered to find certain IDs instantly. More advanced searches on keywords and other database elements can be achieved using a somewhat more complex search panel. The read-only account currently has a set of pre-defined public template searches. This pre-defined search templates can be altered and extended by anyone that is in need of such a search. The edited result will be visible to anyone that does use that account. This applies as well to favourites and bookmarks.

There is further a "main" page of the server for pre-login times including e.g. help.

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