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For other versions of Code Composer Studio go here.

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Code Composer Studio v4 is a major new release of Code Composer Studio (CCS) that is based on the Eclipse open source software framework. The Eclipse software framework is used for many different applications but it was originally developed as a open framework for creating development tools. We have chosen to base CCS on Eclipse as it offers an excellent software framework for building software development environments and is becoming a standard framework used by many embedded software vendors. CCSv4 combines the advantages of the Eclipse software framework with advanced embedded debug capabilities from Texas Instruments resulting in a compelling feature rich development environment for embedded developers. For more information on Eclipse please visit the Eclipse Website. An overview of CCSv4 including some of the benefits of migrating to Eclipse and CCSv4 can be found here.

More CCS information on

Getting Started[edit]

CCSv4 looks and feels very different from previous versions of CCS. People unfamiliar with CCSv4 should take a look at:

  • Eclipse Concepts: This topic explains some of the basic concepts of Eclipse. It is recommended that people not familiar with Eclipse to read this topic. Understanding these concepts will lead to a better understanding of CCS
  • Quick Tips: Selection of Flash captures that show how to perform common actions and use particular features in CCS
  • Tutorials:
    • CCSv4 Quick Start Guide: PDF copy of the CCSv4 Quick Start Guide booklet that ships with the physical CCSv4 DVD. Covers briefly, steps on installing and running CCSv4 for the first time. How to activate the product, create a target configuration, create/build your first project and to start a debug session. For more in-depth material on creating/building/debugging a project, see the below 'Getting Started with CCSv4' guide
    • CCSv4 Getting Started Guide (RECOMMENDED): Comprehensive Getting Started Guide for CCSv4 covering a variety of topics
    • CCSv4 Tutorial - Hello World!: Walks through detailed steps for creating, building and debugging a 'hello world' project. MSP430 users should try the blinkmsp430 project instead
    • Getting Started with CCSv4 for C2000: CCSv4 Getting Started Guide for C2000 users. Discusses how C2000 collateral can be migrated from CCSv3.x to CCSv4, and helps users get started with their first CCSv4 programs for C2000
    • Stellaris QuickStart Guide: This quickstart shows you how to install the Code Composer Studio development tool and how to use it to build and run an example application on your Stellaris Evaluation or Development Board
  • CCSv4 Tips & Tricks: Presentation on various useful tips and tricks for the intermediate CCSv4 user

Please also take a look at the other topics listed in the index below for more advanced information on using CCSv4 including features like Debug Server Scripting which is a scripting and automation solution for CCSv4.


Please use the following resources for support:


There are two CCS images that can be downloaded, DVD and Microcontroller Core.  The DVD image is what you get when you buy CCS regardless of which license type purchased.  The Microcontroller Core image is a free code size limited version for MSP430 and C28x.

Requirements to Download: You will need a MyTI login to download CCS.  If you don't already have one you will be given the opportunity to create one on the login screen.  The other thing you will go through when you download CCS is US Export control screening, a questionaire will appear with some questions that need to be answered.  If approved the system will email you the download link. 

<imagemap> Image:download_button.jpg|alt=Download CCS default DOWNLOAD CCS desc none </imagemap>

Getting a License: You need a license to use CCS. There are many types of licenses for CCS. The licensing topic goes into more detail on the options available.  The activation topic walks through the process of activating a license. There is a licensing section in the FAQ that answers many common questions. If you are using the MCU Core download it will automatically generate a license on installation and no user action is required. If you have any issues with license file generation please contact:

NOTE: If you are unable to activate the 30 day evaluation license, please see this FAQ.


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