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For other versions of Code Composer Studio go here.


Code Composer Studio is an Eclipse based integrated development environment (IDE) for Texas Instruments embedded processors. CCSv7.0 is based on Neon (4.6) and CDT 9.0.

What's new in CCSv7[edit]

Code Composer Studio v7 is a major release and thus includes a number of new features and enhancements. The most significant change with v7 is with licensing. CCS is now available under a TSPA compatible license. More information on changes are listed on the CCSv7 Changes

Getting Started[edit]

Training material for Code Composer Studio v7 is now integrated into Resource Explorer inside CCS or Under the the Development Tools -> Integrated Development Environments -> Code Composer Studio section, you can explore all of the training material available for CCS including workshops, training modules and videos. Please see the CCSv7 Training page for more details.

The below url is a direct link to the Code Composer Studio documentation and training collateral on the TI Cloud based Resource Explorer:

CCSv7 Getting Started (Video): This video demo below introduces the basics of how to get started with CCSv7:


Please see the below reference for obtaining support:


CCS Download page