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Download the Latest EZSDK

The latest EZSDK is available for download from

The current version is The supported platforms are DM816x and DM814x.

Software Development topics

Software Developers Guide
Additional Procedures

In addition to the Software Developers Guide, several additional topics on setting up and using the EZSDK are available.

  1. EZSDK_Memory_Map gives detailed information on the memory map employed for the EZSDK and how to tune it.
  2. EZSDK_Directory_Structure gives and overview of the EZSDK Directory Structure and finding your way around.
  3. EZSDK_Filesystems contains information on the filesystem shipped in the EZSDK.
  4. TI's MP3 Decoder is not shipped with the EZSDK. However by following the instructions at MP3_Decoder_Integration_in_EZSDK you can easily add it.
  5. Likewise, TI AAC-LC Encoder is not shipped within the EZSDK. OMX_AAC_LC_Encoder_Integration_in_EZSDK has information on adding it to the EZSDK
  6. Category:EZSDK_Flashing_NAND provides information on how to flash the NAND on your board.
  7. EZSDK_Reducing_Size_Of_Media_Controller_Firmware shows how you could reduce the size of the Media Controller firmware binaries.
  8. Upgrading_Graphics_SDK_in_EZSDK allows you to upgrade the Graphics SDK in your EZSDK.
  9. EZSDK_Additional_Demo_Clips shows you how to download additional audio/video clips to run on the EZSDK.
Tuning and Performance
  1. EZSDK_Using_SATA_drive_for_Data shows how you could use a SATA drive to store A/V streams. A similar topic is EZSDK_Using_data_on_SD_and_filesystem_on_NAND. Both these topics have information that you can use to get better A/V performance.
  2. EZSDK_Fast_Boot shows how you could boot your board faster. Applying fast boot to start streaming is at EZSDK_Fast_Boot_Streaming_Video.
  3. Top level Performance Measurement shows you what is the performance measurements made (EZSDK 5.02 onwards) on the different EZSDK releases.
  4. Latency_Measurement_on_Capture_Encode_Decode_Display_Demo gives the latency performance measurements made on the EZSDK Capture Encode/Decode Display Demo.
  5. Performance_Measurement_on_Decode_Encode_Demo gives the latency performance measurements made on the EZSDK based Decode Encode Display Demo.
  1. Sys Top is an useful tool that you can use to view multi processor load. More information is at EZSDK_sys_top_Linux_Utility.
  2. Multicore_System_Analyzer is a suite of tools that gives real time visibility into the performance and behaviour of the different processors on your device. OMX_Using_System_Analyzer_For_Media_Controller_Analysis shows you how to use these tools in the EZSDK. A related topic is OMX_Viewing_Media_Controller_Traces
  3. Slog can be used for logging. More information is available at Using_slog_in_EZSDK
Release oriented topics

More information on the EZSDK Releases, and their content is available.

  1. Category:EZSDK_Errata has errata information on the EZSDK. This includes bugs that are documented in the EZSDK Release Notes and any additional bugs found post-release.
  2. Category:EZSDK_Software_BOM gives a high level view of the component versions shipped in the EZSDK. Detailed information on the component versions are EZSDK_Feature_List
Related topics
  1. EZSDK_Training_Videos cover different topics in an informative manner about the EZSDK.
EZSDK Support

Looking for more information? Category:DaVinci is an umbrella page for all topics related to DaVinci Hardware and Software. You can use the directory to find topics specific to your interest.