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OMAP-L138 Device Information[edit]


  • Introduction to OMAP-L138
    • This Wiki contains a great overview of the OMAP-L138 device and its top applications
  • OMAP-L138 Product Folder
    • The product folder on contains the datasheet, errata, user guides, and much more
  • OMAP-L138 Datasheet
    • The datasheet contains a detailed features list, description, and block diagram of the processor. In addition, the datasheet contains information on the device pinout, electricals, package, and basic configuration.
    • TBD: Understanding a Device Datasheet
  • OMAP-L138 Errata
    • The errata contains silicon revision information along with deviations from the datasheet and user guides that were revealed during the validation process. Some of these deviations will be corrected or added to the processor datasheet and user guide, but others will only appear in the errata.
    • TBD: Understanding a Processor's Errata
  • OMAP-L138 Applications Processor System Reference Guide
    • This guide describes the System-on-Chip (SoC) system. The SoC system includes TI’s standard TMS320C674x Megamodule and several blocks of internal memory (L1P, L1D, and L2). This document provides an overview of the system including the ARM subsystem, DSP subsystem, System interconnect, System memory, Memory protection unit (MPU), Device clocking, Phase-locked loop controller (PLLC), Power and sleep controller (PSC), Power management, System configuration (SYSCFG) module, ARM interrupt controller (AINTC), and Boot considerations
  • OMAP-L138 Architectural Overview
    • This guide details the ARM+DSP SoC architecture, including details on Switched Central Resource (SCR) and the interconnects between different masters and slaves in the device.
  • TMS320C674x/OMAP-L1x Processor Peripherals Overview Reference Guide
    • This document provides an overview and briefly describes the peripherals available on the TMS320C674x Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and OMAP-L1x Applications Processors.

You can get help from the experts at TI by posting your questions to the OMAP-L138 Forum at:


Fractal Demo: OMAP-L138
video platform video management video solutions video player
Fractal Demo: Highlighting the Power of the C674x DSP

Throughput and Optimizations[edit]

The following articles provide throughput analysis for some of the on-chip peripherals, as well as techniques for optimizing performance:

Power Consumption[edit]

The following page provides a power estimation spreadsheet to accurately estimate the power consumed for different configurations and use cases.

OMAP-L138 Device Evaluation[edit]

Evaluation Boards[edit]

Obtain an OMAP-L138 evaluation board use as an example hardware design and a early software development board:

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