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TMS470M Product Overview

ARM Cortex M3 Based Cost Effective Safety MCUs for Transportation

The Hercules™ TMS470M devices are members of the TMS470M family of Automotive Grade 16/32-bit reduced instruction set computer (RISC) microcontrollers. These microcontrollers offer high performance utilizing the high efficiency ARM Cortex™-M3 16/32-bit RISC central processing unit (CPU), resulting in a high instruction throughput while maintaining greater code efficiency. The TMS470M value-line uses the M3 CPU running at 80MHz and has Flash memory options ranging from 256KB to 640KB (including up to 128KB EEPROM emulation capability) and RAM memory ranging from 16KB to 64KB. High-end embedded control applications demand more performance from their controllers while maintaining low costs. The TMS470M microcontroller architecture offers solutions to these performance and cost demands while maintaining low power consumption.


The Hercules™ TMS470M microcontroller family enables developers to easily create safety-related applications for the transportation industry. The devices have built-in safety features like CPU and RAM self test (BIST) engines, error correction code (ECC) and parity-checking.

Getting Started

For TMS470M HDK kit:

The PDF format schematic drawings for the TMS470M HDK is available here: TMS470M_Schematics.pdf

The Cadence Capture Format format schematic drawings for the TMS470M HDK is available here:

The gerber files for the TMS470M HDK are available here:

The BOM for the TMS470M HDK are available here:

The CCS4 Sample Project for the TMS470M HDK are available here:

There is an Example Expansion Board Design here: HDK Experimenter

Device Family

  • TMS470M device family:
  • TMS470MF06607
  • TMS470MF04207
  • TMS470MF03107

Visit the TMS470M ARM Cortex-M3 Series Product Search for more info. The listed devices can be found from the TMS470M home page under the 'Product Folder' section.

Tools & Software

Some Tools and software are common across TMS570 and TMS470M family devices. TMS570 info can be found from the TMS570 Category page.

  • High End Timer IDE - Windows application for configuring and simulating the HET.
  • TMS470M HalCoGen - Windows application for generating drivers and configuration code for the TMS470M devices.
  • - The CAN bootloader permanently resides in the first flash block of target device. It enables programming of the Hercules microcontroller through its CAN interface. The bootloader also helps designers update the user application code for products already deployed in the field
  • - The VC++ project used on PC side to send commands and data to bootloader running on MCU.


Some Peripherals are common across TMS570 and TMS470M family devices. TMS570 info can be found from the TMS570 Category page:

Application Notes & Articles

The application notes for the TMS470M series devices can be found from the TMS470M Application Notes webpage.


  • Training:

TMS470M 1-day training/workshop presentation:
- Media: TMS470M_MCU_1Day_Training_part1.pdf
- Media: TMS470M_MCU_1Day_Training_part2.pdf
- Media: TMS470M_MCU_1Day_Training_part3.pdf


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TMS470M Introductory Video:

zjD9aXdenlg|TMS470M Microcontroller Family Overview|left|200}}

This and other videos related to the Hercules Safety Microcontroller platform, the TMS470M, TMS570 and RM4 device families can be found on the videos wiki page. Videos covering device family overview, safety concept, demos with available USB/MDK kit, tools and IDE's, etc are included.

Important Links & Downloads

TMS470M home
TMS470M USB Development Stick schematic (orcad .DSN):
TMS470M USB Development Stick schematic (pdf): TMS470M_Stick.pdf
TMS470M USB Development Stick Bill of Materials (xls):

Technical Support

For technical support and sharing, please visit the TMS470M Microcontroller Forum in TI's E2E (Engineer to Engineer) community.


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