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TMS570 Product Overview

TMS570 Block Diagram.jpg

ARM® based Floating Point MCU Family for Transportation Applications

TMS570 Transportation MCUs are the industry’s first ARM® Cortex®-R4F based floating point MCUs that meet IEC61508/SIL3 safety standards. Targeted transportation safety applications include automotive chassis and stability control, electric power steering, hybrid and electric vehicles, aerospace, railway communications, and off-road vehicle engine control.

The TMS570 family integrates dual Cortex-R4F and Cortex-R5F processors in lock-step and is designed to meet automotive and transportation safety standards. These devices provide system-wide protection through seamless support for error detection from the processor, through the bus interconnect, and into the memories. The TMS570 development process and safety concept has been IEC61508/SIL3 certified by Exida, an independent 3rd party assessor.

TMS570 MCUs also have an integrated high-performance Floating Point Unit (FPU) which can provide both single and double precision. The FPU along with flexible control peripherals simplifies the development of real-time auto coded applications generated from physical based modeling tools. More information can be found at the TMS570LS ARM CortexR4F Series Overview.


Real-Time Safety Architecture

The TMS570 Family of MCUs is based on dual Cortex-R4F or dual Cortex-R5F processors in lock-step, these new devices are designed to meet safety standard requirements and provide system-wide protection through seamless support for error detection from the processor, through the interconnect and into the memories. TI recognizes that no single safety concept is optimal for all systems. Lockstep and AMP approaches give customers flexible options for system implementation to achieve IEC61508/SIL3 and ISO 26262 ASIL-C/D' -->safety standards.

Getting Started

For TMS570LS ARM® Cortex™-R4F Microcontroller Tools and Software:

For Hercules Launchpads:

For TMS570LS20x MDK:

For the TMS570LS31x HDK:

For TMS570LS12x HDK:

For TMS570LS04x HDK:

For TMS570LS31x Control Cards:

For TMS570LS12x Control Cards:

Getting Started with the TMS570LS devices Application Note: TMS570LS_Getting_Started.pdf

Device Family

  • TMS570LS31x/21x: 
  • TMS570LS2124
  • TMS570LS2125
  • TMS570LS2134
  • TMS570LS2135
  • TMS570LS3134
  • TMS570LS3135
  • TMS570LS3137 - This is the superset device.
  • TMS570LS20x/10x:
  • TMS570LS10106
  • TMS570LS10116
  • TMS570LS10206
  • TMS570LS10216
  • TMS570LS20206
  • TMS570LS20216 - This is the superset device.

Visit the TMS570LS ARM CortexR4F Series Product Search for more info. The listed devices can be found from the TMS570 home page under the 'Product Folder' section.

Tools & Software








Application Notes & Articles

The application notes for the TMS570LS series devices can be found from the TMS570 Application Notes webpage.


Hercules 1 Day LaunchPad Training/Workshop Labs:
CCSv5.5 Projects:

Hercules 1 Day Training/Workshop Labs:
CCSv4.x Projects:
CCSv5.x Projects:

  • Example Code and Projects:

TMS570LS20x/10x Examples:
MIBSPI example:
NHET as GIO Example:
- Media:TMS570LS2x_Using_NHET_as_GIO_Example.pdf,
- CCSv4 Project:
Blinky Example:
- Media:TMS570LS2x_Blinky_Example.pdf,
- CCSv4 Project:
MibADC Example:
- Media:TMS570LS2x_MibADC_Example.pdf,
- CCSv4 Project:

TMS570LS31x/21x Examples:
MibADC Example:
- Media:TMS570LS31x_MibADC_Example.pdf,
- CCSv4 Project:
N2HET PWM Example:
- Media:TMS570LS31x_N2HET_PWM_Example.pdf,
- CCSv4 Project:
- CCSv5 Project:

Ethernet Example:

- Port of HALCoGen Ethernet Driver to lwIP Stack

Additional training material for Hercules Safety MCUs can be found at


(Single click to play the thumbnail. Double click for full page/full screen viewing options.)

TMS570 Introductory Video:

yBkheUPD_hE|TMS570 Microcontroller Family Overview|left|200}}

This and other videos related to the Hercules Safety Microcontroller platform, the TMS470M, TMS570 and RM4 device families can be found on the videos wiki page. Videos covering device family overview, safety concept, demos with available USB/MDK kit, tools and IDE's, etc are included.

Important Links & Downloads

TMS570 home page:
TMS570LS2x Series Technical Reference Manual: spnu489 (pdf)
TMS570LS2x Series Datasheet: spns141 (pdf)
TMS570LS2x Series Errata: spnz176 (pdf)
TMS570/ARM Code Gen Tool Users Guides can be found on this wiki page: here
TMS570LS2x Package Symbols 144 pin (Orcad):
TMS570LS2x Package Symbols 337 pin (Orcad):
TMS570LS2x IBIS Model (144 pin):
TMS570LS2x IBIS Model (337 pin):
TMS570LS2x BSDL File (144 pin):
TMS570LS2x BSDL File (337 pin):

Technical Support

For technical support and sharing, please visit the TMS570 Microcontroller Forum in TI's E2E (Engineer to Engineer) community.