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Changing DSP/BIOS, DVSDK, and INSTALL DIR Environment Variables in Windows-XP

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How to quickly change the environment variables with a double click

This simple batch file is based on an advanced Microsoft utility calles "setx", used to manipulate registry setting (for example).

It is more a fix for the annoyance of using the graphical gui in windows to change environment variables, especially if you need to test several CCS projects with different sets of sw / tools configurations.

Often these installation directories are mentioned into project settings, and used by the IDE itself.

Since CCS v.3.3 reads installation directories (like for BIOS, evm board support libraries, etc) from the environment variables, changing these back and forth can become tedious, thus this script was developed.

Note that Setx needs to be installed separately on your windows machine

The batch file example is reported in the following lines, and is also attached : here

<syntaxhighlight lang='dos'> @ECHO OFF REM ------------------------------------------ REM author gp 15-05-2009 REM This script will allow to easily configure environment REM variables in the windows system making possible to REM quickly switch configurations in case several REM releases of installed sw packages are installed, REM referenced via environment variables in the CCS debug REM environment, and each configuration needs a different REM setting for the same environment variable REM REM the setx utility is part of an add-on package REM from Microsoft which needs to be installed on the PC REM and downloaded from the Microsoft website REM REM REM the following flags are used: REM REM - /m set the variable into the system environment REM otherwise it will be set only for the current REM console and removed after the command window is closed

REM note: you cannot remove values with setx. REM REM if desired you can use 'set' with a variable name REM and an empty value to remove a variable from the local REM environment only REM REM removing from the global variables requires to use the REM mycomputer > properties > advanced > environment variables REM GUI interface

REM ------------------------------------------

REM ------------------------------------------ REM Script start REM ------------------------------------------

REM below an example of configuration variables REM customize as desired and remove the REM prefix REM before each line to let the script run

REM define these variables local to the batch file REM for safety SETLOCAL

REM --------------------------------------------- REM BIOS configuration start REM --------------------------------------------- REM REM set the following variables to your own desired values REM SET MY_BIOS_PATH="C:\CCStudio_v3.3\bios_5_31_02"


ECHO ------------------------------------------ ECHO configuring the BIOS installation directory ECHO %MY_ENV_VARIABLE% = %MY_BIOS_PATH% ECHO ------------------------------------------


REM --------------------------------------------- REM BIOS configuration end REM ---------------------------------------------

REM --------------------------------------------- REM XXX configuration start REM ---------------------------------------------


REM ECHO ------------------------------------------ REM ECHO configuring the xx installation directory REM ECHO %XXX_ENV_VARIABLE% = %XXX_PATH% REM ECHO ------------------------------------------

REM setx XXX_INSTALL_DIR c:\xxx -m

REM --------------------------------------------- REM XXX configuration end REM ---------------------------------------------

REM --------------------------------------------- REM script finished REM REM ---------------------------------------------

REM (pause to visually check the output) pause </syntaxhighlight>

Since it is principally very simple, the inlined comments should be self explaining; simply modify the variables as desired, and run.

Tip: saving the modified file with a different name, and keeping it on your system, will allow you to have different personalized scripts which you can use very quickly to switch configurations if you want to test several tools

(like having environment1_set.bat and environment2_set.bat)

Important note: This does not prevent you from needing to restart CCS 3.3 if you change the environment variables while CCS is open. Also, it is not a substitute for the CCS component manager.

It just avoids you to graphically change the XP system environment variables every time.

Hopefully it will get handy to have ready to use scripts that allow you to change with a double click (or a more automated way) the environment settings.

Use these and modify them as desired