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Checking ECC operation

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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

This page documents the procedure to check whether Error Correction (1 bit or 4 bit) is working correctly from UBL or not on DM365 platform. This has been tested using PSP release which can be downloaded from

  • Flash the prebuilt UBL (DaVinci-PSP-SDK- and U-Boot (DaVinci-PSP-SDK- images onto NAND flash either using serial flash writer or CCS.
  • When CCS is used for flashing, U-Boot image gets flashed at NAND offset 0x320000.
  • Modify the DM365 board file arch/arm/mach-davinci/board-dm365-evm.c file under the DaVinci-PSP-SDK- and make the first NAND partition as read/write.
  • Build Linux kernel and boot the EVM with this kernel image.
  • From Linux prompt, read the U-Boot contents and store in a file.
target$ nanddump -f correct_dump -l 0x60000 -s 0x320000 /dev/mtd0
  • Edit the file and introduce a 1 bit error at some offset and save the modified file.
  • Erase the blocks in which U-Boot is stored.
target$ flash_erase /dev/mtd0 0x320000 3
  • Write back the data which has the incorrect data:
target$ nandwrite -n -o -s 0x320000 /dev/mtd0 incorrect_dump
-n, --noecc             Write without ecc
-o, --oob               Image contains oob data
  • Reboot the EVM. If UBL is able to correct the data, then U-Boot should boot up without any problem.