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Chronos Tennis

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Chronos Watch Poster

Chronos Tennis - Multiplayer Tennis Game Using the Chronos Watch

Functional Description

  • A web-based 3D Tennis Game
  • Swings are controlled through the accelerometer readings of the chronos watch

Videos (Our Youtube Video is down)

Runtime Snapshot 1
Runtime Snapshot 2
Runtime Snapshot 3

Please use the following vimeo link.



Like the folks in Big Bang Theory we love Wii games. In this project you will experience a web-based two player tennis game. It is implemented in Java Applet so you can run it on any machine.


The two players run on two sides as server and client. Both of the players wear the Chronos as the controller of their own bats. We make use of the 3D acceleration sensor from the chronos watch as the interface for inputing the human motion. The project will be kept active after the co-op challenge for adding more AI to the game. Imagine how wonderful it wil be that you could play tennis with your co-worker during lunch break by just placing two laptops at the two ends of the conference room table. Easy to have fun, isn't it? Since out time is limited, we just finish the basic design of our game. Keep focusing on our future progress or share your ideas with us.

Future Development

  • Creat profiles for each registered player
  • Machine learning the motion pattern of your rivals
  • Playing with the stars (We provide pre designed motion patterns of the tennis stars and help you improve your tennis skills.)


Check out the pictures for our Chronos Tennis

Usage Instructions

  1. Download Eclipse from
  2. Download Processing from
  3. Install Proclipsing from
  4. Import project from our source archive file.
  5. Plug in RF access point to PC/Mac, our code is designed for Mac, for the PC version please contact
  6. Start swinging away and enjoy.

Source Code


Please read our design schematic here.