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Codec Engine Known Issues

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This article contains "Known Issues" in Codec Engine (and related products, like Framework Components, Linux Utils, XDAIS, etc.) releases.

FYI, this "collection" of products is sometimes referred to as "MFP" (Multimedia Framework Products), and they're often branded with similar versioning, so it makes sense to collect Known Issues from all these products together.

Feel free to add your own!

MFP 2.24

Codec Engine 2.24

  • SDOCM00058702 - CE_DEBUG doesn't collect DSP-side trace on WinCE (Linux users are not affected).
    • Workaround - Add the following code before calling CERuntime_init():

<syntaxhighlight lang='c'> extern Bool Server_holdingTraceToken; Server_holdingTraceToken = TRUE; </syntaxhighlight> (Will be fixed in CE 2.24.01)

MFP 2.23

Codec Engine 2.23

  • The 'standalone' release (with cetools) includes DSP Link 1.61.01. That release of Link was found to have a production stop issue (MSGQ-related race condition on the DSP side). As a result, CE 2.23 was not made generally available - only the fixed 2.23.01 release (with a fixed Link 1.61.03) was made publicly available.
  • SDOCM00055932 - The DM644x LAD examples misconfigure Link's power management. Fixed in CE 2.23.01.
  • SDOCM00057124 - The genserver Combo wizard as highlighted in Creating and Building codec combos in Windows defaults to groupId's that are not associated with the DSKT2 scratch size array index sizes. ie DSKT2.DARAM_SCRATCH_SIZES[].
    • Workaround - if making e.g. an audio / video combo then ensure that the video groupId is '0' and audio groupId is '1'. See this CE config-related article for more details.

Linux Utils 2.23

  • SDOCM00056304 - IRQK kernel module (typically only used on DM365) returns wrong value from irq handler function irqHandler(). Fixed in Linux Utils 2.23.01.

Framework Components 2.23

  • SDOCM00056230 - RMAN_assignResources() returns success when underlying IRESMGR_EDMA3CHAN indicates resource allocation failure. Fixed in FC 2.23.01.

MFP 2.20

Codec Engine 2.20

  • SDOCM00053545 - The CE example-related build makefile (xdcpaths.mak) doesn't include LPM_INSTALL_DIR and EDMA3_LLD_INSTALL_DIR. As a result, the user may get an error finding the 'ti.bios.power' (LPM) package. The workaround is to explicitly add the LPM and EDMA3 LLD products to XDC_PATH variable at the end of the xdcpaths.mak. Note that this only affects users that have the non-cetools distribution. Note that this issue currently affects all CE 2.20 and newer release streams. Partially fixed in CE 2.23. But read on...
    • SDOCM00061210 - Related to SDOCM00053545, CE 2.23 added the LPM_INSTALL_DIR and EDMA3_LLD_INSTALL_DIR variables, but failed to add them to the XDCPATH variable at the end of the file. The same workaround to SDOCM00053545 can be applied. Fixed in CE 2.25.
  • SDOCM00058045 - The CE support for IUNIVERSAL has a bug in the DSP-side skeleton which can cause memory access violations when the algorithm, during its process() call, fills an outBuf or inOutBuf with a mechanism other than DSP-side CPU writes (e.g. DMA writes). It also occurs when the algorithm, during its control() call, fills a buffer with a mechanism other than CPU writes. Note that this issue currently affects all CE 2.20-2.23 release streams. Fixed in CE 2.24.
  • SDOCM00062770 - The CE support for IUNIVERSAL has a bug in the ARM-side stub which causes UNIVERSAL_process() to fail to pass outBufs to remote algs if inBufs is NULL. See this forum post for more details. Note that this issue affects all CE 2.20-2.24 release streams. Fixed in CE 2.25.

MFP 2.00

Codec Engine 2.00

  • SDSCM00024826 - The CE examples' xdcpaths.mak include a variable named USE_CETOOLS_IF_EXISTS that is intended to be smart and add the cetools/packages repository to XDCPATH if it exists. The logic to auto-detect whether cetools/packages exists or not was not implemented, so this variable must be set explicitly by the user. If the user doesn't have a cetools directory, they must assign this value explicitly to zero. Fixed in CE 2.10.01 and later.

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