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Codec Engine Overview

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Getting Started


This article serves provides a general overview of the products above and below the Codec Engine software stack.

Two viewpoints are taken, a bottom-up view and a top-down view. Depending on whether you're an algorithm developer or a system integrator, you can choose your path.

Note, to ensure others benefit from this topic, please feel free to add and update the pointers with details about what you found valuable in coming up to speed.


We work from the bottom up, starting from the algorithm developer and ending with pointers to the DVSDK, a complete, complex system with "real world" multimedia applications.


Looking from the top down, you start with the DVSDK, and ultimately progress into products for creating algorithms.

Now what?

Okay, you get it, there's lots to read. But you're a developer and want to get your hands dirty, so where do you go when you're tired of reading and want to start playing? Download one of the products from the links above - each includes docs, examples and instructions for building and running on supported devices.

There's also an active community on TI's Embedded Software Forum, where the development team and other experts are there to answer your questions.