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Compiler Defects Database

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The information in this article is no longer up-to-date. It remains here only for reference.

Compiler Defect Tracking

If you are experiencing a suspected bug with a Texas Instruments (TI) compiler, please report that on the compiler forum. TI compiler defects are tracked in a ClearQuest database. While you cannot directly submit bugs, this database can be accessed to find details on specific bugs or bugs reported against specific compiler targets or releases.

Access defect reports at this page. Enter the bug id ('SDSCM000XXXXX') in the 'Find Record ID' box.

A help page for ClearQuest, and the compiler database schema SDOWP, is available at this page.

Defect Classifications

There are 3 classifications for ClearQuest issue reports:

  1. Defect: Used to classify bugs. From a compiler point-of-view we use this classification if the compiler crashes, generates wrong code, or if a feature does not work as documented.
  2. Performance: We use this classification for issues that concern code-size or run-time issues with an application. We place both regression issues (code-size or cycles got worse) and requirements for better performance in this classification.
  3. Enhancement: These are used to store new feature requests.

Defect States

The states of ClearQuest reports:

  1. Accepted, Open: These are issues that are not fixed and still need to be worked on. The ‘Release Notes’ field may contain further details on the issue regarding whether the issue is in-progress or is delayed or backlogged.
  2. Planned: These issues have been fixed but are not yet available in any release. Please see the Pending Compiler Releases page for scheduled compiler release dates.
  3. Fixed: These issues are fixed and available in a release. Please see the Production Compiler Releases page for details on available compiler releases. Compilers can be downloaded from this [page].
  4. Declined: The issue was rejected. The release notes field will contain information about the rejection.

Querying The Database

Queries are stored under the folder icons on the left of the ClearQuest page. Compiler queries are found in the folders:

  • Public Queries
    • Development Tools
      • TI C-C++ Compiler

In the 'TI C-C++ Compiler' folder are the following queries:

  • Defect History Lists: These queries contains the bug reports that affect certain compiler versions and have been fixed in those compiler releases.
  • Defects: These queries list defects that have been reported against specific compiler targets and versions. These queries list both open and fixed bugs.
  • Enhancements: These queries list open and fixed enhancement reports against specific compiler targets.
  • Performance Issues: These queries list open and fixed performance reports, either cycle performance issues or code-size issues, against specific compiler targets and versions.


If any problems arise while using ClearQuest, please contact the ClearQuest Admins using the contact e-mail on this page.