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Compiler Releases

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This page describes different ways to obtain compiler releases.

Code Composer Studio Users

Do you have Code Composer Studio (CCS) installed? If so, the best way to obtain new compiler releases is by checking for updates within CCS.

To obtain the latest version of the compiler, use the CCS Apps Center, as described in this short video.

For more control over the version of the compiler you obtain, first try the menu selection Help | Check for Updates. If that doesn't show you the compiler version you want, then try Help | Install New Software. The article Compiler Updates explains the differences between those methods.

This short video shows you how to install older versions of the compiler.

Earlier versions of CCSv4 have issues with handling compiler updates correctly. If you have any problems, please see Updating CCS for help.

Free Compiler Downloads

Go here to obtain freely available versions of the compiler. Note a login is required. If you don't have a login, you are given the option to create one.

If you are unsure which compiler release to get, the article Compiler Version Numbers and What They Mean may help.

If you are trying to import a project and experience a mismatch in the compiler version used, please see the article Importing CCS Projects.

It is possible to configure CCS to use one of these free compilers. The article Compiler Installation and Selection describes the details.