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ControlSUITE Linux Installation

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controlSUITE is not yet supported under Linux operating systems. We are planning on supporting it in the future.

Following are instructions for installing controlSUITE under Linux (with limited support) using Wine. These instructions have only been tested with the 32-bit version of Ubuntu Linux 10.04.


Install Wine

Before controlSUITE can be installed, Wine must be present in the system.

In Ubuntu, go to Applications->Ubuntu Software Center.


Use the search feature to find the Wine application, which might be labeled as "Wine Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer". Click install.


Download controlSUITE

Download the zip package of controlSUITE.


Once the zip file has been downloaded, extract the files.

  • NOTE: Before running the Setup.exe, you might have to allow execution of the file.
    To do this, right click on the .exe file and select properties. Click on the "Permissions" tab and check the "Allow executing file as program" checkbox.


Install controlSUITE

After changing the file permissions, run the installer by clicking on the .exe file.


After the license agreement step, the installer will ask where controlSUITE should be installed. Click on Browse to select a different installation location.

Select the path "/home/<username>/" in the "Browse For Folder" window. Where <username> is the currently logged on username.



Click next and complete installing the application.

Import controlSUITE Projects into CCSv5

Once controlSUITE is installed, projects can be imported into CCSv5.

Once CCSv5 has been launched, go to Project->Import Existing CCS/CCE Eclipse Project.


Click on Browse and find your home directory, then browse into the controlSUITE directory.

Device example projects can be found under the controlSUITE/device_support/<device_name>/<version> directory.


Click Finish and the controlSUITE project should be in your CCSv5 workspace.

Final Note

The controlSUITE.exe application that is installed will not work under Wine. All of the files will have to be manually imported into controlSUITE.