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Creating a SD card boot image for C55x

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  • SD card reader
  • SD card
  • C55x executable image (e.g. .OUT file)
  • C5000 Compiler tools (which includes the hex55 tool)


Build the boot image

  1. Find the C5000 compiler tools directory. (Note, CCS v4 is typically installed to: "C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\CCSv4" so the compiler will be located at, "C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\CCSv4\tools\compiler\c5500\bin"
  2. Invoke the Hex55 tool with the command where "output_file_path_name" is the output file (For SD booting: boot5505.bin for C5515/14/05/04 and bootimg.bin for 5535 and newer devices) path name and "input_file_path_name" is the input file path name (*.out).
hex55 -boot -v5505 -serial8 -b -o output_file_path_name input_file_path_name

Prepare the SD card

For C5515/14/05/04

  1. Use the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to create new partitions and format the SD Card (the Windows tool creates incompatible partitions, but can be used to format after using HP tool to create partitions)
  2. Copy the ".bin" (ex: boot5505.bin) file to the formatted SD Card under root partition (filename MUST BE "boot5505.bin")

For C5517/35/45

  1. SD card needs to be formatted in either FAT32 or FAT16 format
  2. Copy the ".bin" (ex: bootimg.bin) file to the formatted SD Card under root partition (filename MUST BE "bootimg.bin")

Clearing the EEPROM

  • If other boot images are available, the DSP bootloader may boot from them in the priority order defined in the datasheet. Please refer to your device datasheet for details.
  1. Ensure all non-volatile memories (NOR, NAND, SPI EEPROM, I2C EEPROM) on the C5515 EVM are cleaned of boot images
  2. Connect to EVM from CCS either with an external JTAG emulator or with the embedded JTAG through J2 (micro-USB Port) on the EVM
  3. Use programmer_C5515_EVM.out and cleaner.bin to erase the non-volatile memories
  4. Find programmer instructions here: C5515_Boot-Image_Programmer


Plug into C55x device and turn on. The bootloader will boot from the SD card provided if there are no other boot methods before it. Ensure the boot mode for your EVM is correctly configured.
In the case of the C5517 EVM, here are the DIP settings to boot from the micro SD card(i.e J21 SD1 on the underside of the EVM)

BOOTMODE0 (position 1) - OFF
BOOTMODE1 (position 2) - ON
BOOTMODE2 (position 3) - OFF
BOOTMODE3 (position 4) - ON

SEL1_MMC1_MCSPI (position 3) - ON
SEL0_MMC1_MCSPI (position 4) - OFF

[EVM User Guide]


Q: Is there a description of the 5515 Bootloader?

Q: I just created a boot image, and it isn't working..."

  • A: Please check your linker command file so that it does not use the bootloader reserved areas. For example, on 5535, the SARAM31 should not be used as a program area as it is reserved for the bootloader. It can be used for local variables.