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DM6437 EVM

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The DM6437 EVM or more accurately the TMS320DM6437 EVM is an evaluation module from Spectrum Digital that is built for the TI TMS320DM6437 automotive qualified digital signal processor.


The EVM is a PCI compatible board that further offers stand alone operation. It contains several connectors on its edges for video (S-Video in, S-Video out, composite RCA in, composite RCA out), audio (3.5 mm mic in jack, 3.5 mm line in jack, 3.5 mm line out jack, 3.5 mm HP out jack, S/PDIF out in both 75 ohm coaxial and fiber), serial communication (CAN, UART), and ethernet. A multi purpose set of LEDs, slider switches, dip switches, push buttons and jumpers is provided. Some revisions of the board come equipped with high-speed CMOS 16MB of static RAM [1].

An on-board USB to JTAG interface (CCS3.3 compatible) is included. This interface can be disabled so that a separate JTAG to something adapter is attachable.