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DM6467 Boot Modes

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For detailed information on the different DM6467 boot modes supported please refer to the following document

Using the TMS320DM6467 DMSoC Bootloader (spraas0)

In addition to this document, the list below include the more common questions with regards to DM6467 Boot modes

DM6467 Boot Modes FAQs

Sec 3.9 in spraas0 specifies that SPI boot-loader uses only 16bit address support. Is this transferred as a two byte (16bits) address or three bytes with the most-significant-byte set to 0 (24bits)? Would this limit the device types available for booting?

16-bit address is transferred as two bytes. Generally, SPI EEPROMs (such as the one found on DM6467 EVM) use 16-bit addresses while SPI Flash devices use 24-bit addresses. To be sure, you should check the SPI device's data-sheet to make sure it uses 16-bit addresses. It follows that 24-bit SPI devices will not be recognized by the RBL and therefore cannot be used for booting.

Are there documents specifying guidelines in selecting SPI memory devices for boot and runtime?

The General guideline is to use 16-bit address SPI devices. Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive list of SPI devices that can be used for booting, but the following EEPROMs by CATALYST work: CAT25C128 or CAT25C256