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DM6467 Getting Started Guide

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The purpose of this Getting Started Guide (GSG) is to provide information on setting up a development system for the DM6467/DM6467T platform. You should proceed through this guide in the order given for best results. By the end of this Getting Started Guide you will have the DM6467/DM6467T DVEVM hardware set up, a Linux host development environment configured, and a Linux target booting to run some provided demonstration software. You should also bookmark the DM6467 category since new articles will continue to appear here.

Note: This GSG is applicable for both DM6467 and DM6467T EVMs. Hence, the words DM6467 and DM6467T are used interchangeably in the GSG; anything specific to DM6467T or DM6467 is mentioned explicitly.

DVEVM Overview

For an overview of the DVEVM please see the GSG: DVEVM Overview page.

Hardware Setup

For information on setting up the DM6467 DVEVM hardware please see the GSG: DM6467 DVEVM Hardware Setup page.

Software Setup

The latest DVSDK release can be downloaded from here. For Monta Vista Linux distribution, use DVSDK 2.00, which is production quality for DM6467. For community Linux, use DVSDK 3.10, which is currently production quality for DM6467T.

The GSG: DM6467 DVEVM Software Setup page covers how to install the Linux tools, (DV)SDK software, and Linux Support Package for the DM6467/DM6467T DVEVM, assuming a Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (or similar) distribution.

Note: To use DM6467 on community Linux see the DM6467 platform setup in DVSDK 3.10 page.

Running Demos

The GSG: DVEVM Running the Demos page describes how to set up, execute, and shut down the demos for DM6467/DM6467T.

Additional Procedures

This section covers additional useful procedures that are not necessarily part of the getting started process.

Alternate Boot Methods

For information on different boot procedures see the Alternate Boot Methods page.

Setting Up a TFTP Server

For information on setting up a TFTP server please see the Setting up a TFTP Server page.

Example TeraTerm Scripts

For example TeraTerm scripts that can be used with the platform board please see the TeraTerm Scripts page.

Restoring and Updating the EVM Hard Disk Drive

For information on restoring DM6467T hard drive, see the Restoring and Updating the EVM Hard Disk Drive page.

Putting Demo Applications in the Third-Party Menu

Information on adding additional demos to the menu, see the Putting Demo Applications in the Third-Party Menu page.

EVM Installation

The DM6467 EVM Installation page provides information on building and flashing UBL/U-Boot. This page also provides instruction to flash uImage and file system image to EVM's NAND flash.

DVSDK Makefile Usage

For more information on the main DVSDK Makefile usage, see the DVSDK Makefile usage page.

Integrate New Codec

If a new codec needs to be added to the standard DVSDK release, both the Codec Server and application need to be modified. See How_do_I_Integrate_new_codecs_into_DVSDK for detailed information on this topic.

Additional Information