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DM814x AM387x PSP Release Notes

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DM814x AM387x PSP Release Notes
Linux PSP

This document covers details for TI814x release. This release is tested on DM8148EVM (refer Validation Information section for validation details)

For using with HDVPSS binary release, kernel patch must be applied and can be downloaded from the SW release download page

TI814x PSP[edit]

Release Notes

Release Date:  October 04, 2011

Document License[edit]

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

Read This First[edit]

  • We are migrating from "legacy" mmc driver to a "generic" mmc driver in the latest u-boot .This will break the existing boot script used. Please refer the U-boot user guide and update you scripts according to that.

1) There is a change in the ECC layout in the kernel for 1-bit HW ECC scheme. This change is made to synchronise the ECC layout with Uboot (and make it in accordance with the community). It is advised that the customer must re-flash any data to NAND that was flashed earlier using the previous release kernel.

-Previous release ECC byte positions: UBoot: [40-51], Kernel: [52-63]

-Current release ECC byte positions: UBoot: [40-51], Kernel: [40-51]

2) This release supports both 8 and 16 bit NAND flash. To use 8-bit NAND, set the CS0BW (buswidth) switch on the EVM to ON state (CS0BW is connected to BTMODE12 switch on DM814X board). To use 16-bit NAND, set the CS0BW (buswidth) switch on the EVM to OFF state. The switch states for 8 and 16 bit (ON and OFF respectively) are decided so as to maintain backward compatibility with our previous releases which supported 16-bit NAND flash by default (i.e. CS0BW pin in OFF state).

3) HDVPSS binaries are no longer packaged with release tar ball, instead they can be downloaded from the PSP Software Download page

4) Suspend to memory/resume is supported, if UART wake-up/resume is desired then "no_console_suspend" needs to be passed as part of bootargs.For more details refer to Suspend to Memory

5) Clocks: All clocks required by a driver/module must be enabled explicitly in the driver code (interface,functional).Drivers/modules should not rely on u-boot/kernel to enable required clocks as with updated pm framework unused(usecount zero) clocks/clock domains are disabled during kernel initialization.

6) McASP clock is changed from PLL_AUDIO_OUT to sys_clk_22 (OSC0) as the PLL_AUDIO_OUT is used to feed clock to CPTS module (IEEE 1588 clock) and RGMII ref clock in Ethernet switch.
7) When using PCIe boot mode, NAND and/or NOR may not be accessible from U-Boot and kernel. Please refer "Conflict with NAND/NOR and DM814x/DM816x PCIe Boot Mode setting" section in PCI Express Endpoint Boot Driver User Guide

V4L2 capture support is applicable for PSP04.01.00.06_patch2 release only

  • This release adds support for V4L2 capture driver on top of release. There is no major change in this release apart from addition of V4L2 capture. Please refer to release notes for more details about change between release and release.
  • Please note that V4L2 capture driver requires I2C2 instance to be controlled from Linux side. So any of the application/driver trying to access I2C2 from any other processor wont work.
  • Only one instance of V4L2 capture driver is supported with TVP7002 decoder


This is Release of TI814x Linux PSP tested on DM8148 EVM. The EVM(Rev B DDR3) consists of base board, catalog application card and LCD adapter board In the rest of the document, we will refer this setup as DM8148 EVM.

The Linux PSP serves to provide a fundamental software platform for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications on Texas Instruments DM8148 EVM. The Linux kernel and U-Boot software in this release are based on the following open source repositories:

Component Version Base Repository Base Tag (or commit id)
TI814x Linux Kernel 2.6.37(Linux kernel version);a=commit;h=2b3ea6aa16956e15f1ba8e7b70898aaacbec2237 2b3ea6aa16956e15f1ba8e7b70898aaacbec2237
U-Boot 2010.06;a=summary v2010.06

The code base for Linux kernel and U-Boot included in this release is hosted at the following repositories:

Component Repository (Branch) Baseline Tag/Commit Release Tag
TI814x Linux Kernel;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ti81xx-master (ti81xx-master)
2b3ea6aa16956e15f1ba8e7b70898aaacbec2237 v2.6.37_TI814XPSP_04.01.00.06
TI814x U-Boot;a=summary (ti81xx-master) v2010.06 v2010.06_TI814XPSP_04.01.00.06

For detailed information on the various software components included in the release and how to use them, please refer to the User Guide.

The kernel and U-Boot have been compiled with CodeSourcery GNU Toolchain for ARM Processors 2009-q1-203 based on GCC 4.3.3


For complete list of components versions that will work with this release, please refer to the Software BOM page at

Tool/Component Release Version
CGTools 4.9.0
XDC 3_22_04_46
BIOS 6_32_05_54
IPC 1_23_05_40
Syslink 2_00_03_82
HDVPSS Binary (Applicable to PSP04.01.00.06_patch2)


The User Guide provides instructions on how to use the PSP Release package.

What's Supported[edit]

The Linux PSP package supports the following components:

  • U-Boot supporting NAND, NOR, SD and SPI boot modes
  • Linux Kernel and device drivers.
    • Ethernet Switch
    • MUSB host driver supporting Mass Storage Class and HID class on USB0 and USB1.
    • NAND
    • NOR
    • TouchScreen
    • UART
    • I2C
    • SATA
    • EDMA
    • Audio driver for HDMI port and AIC3106
    • SPI (PIO mode)
    • SD
    • Video Display Driver(FBDev)
    • LCD Support
    • TILER
    • IOMMU
    • Watchdog Timer
    • GPIO
    • PCIe RC driver
    • PCIe Boot driver supporting booting DM816x or DM814x device connected as PCIe EP to DM814x RC
  • Booting DM814x EP set in PCIe boot mode when connected to DM816x or DM814x Root Complex
  • Pre-built binaries for U-Boot (for SD and NAND boot mode only), Linux kernel.
  • Pre-Built binaries for NAND , NOR and SPI flash writers.
  • V4L2 Capture driver (Applicable to PSP04.01.00.06_patch2 release)

What's Not Supported[edit]

  • Following are not supported:
    • PCIe Boot from a RC other than DM816x or DM814x
    • Ethernet Boot
    • TVP5158 Audio
    • ADC3101 Audio
    • RTC
    • The release package does not include a filesystem image
    • Currently U-Boot doesn't handle PCIe Boot procedure. Refer PCI Express Boot Driver User Guide for details about booting DM814x EP from DM816x RC.

New in this Release[edit]

  • 8-bit NAND support
  • NAND prefetch support (Enabled by default)
  • GPIO
  • TouchScreen
  • PCIe Root Complex (RC) driver
  • PCIe Booting with 32-bit mode (booting DM814x or DM816x EP only)
  • Mux framework
  • Support for LCD on Catalog Application board
  • Concurrent usage of one port as USB host and other port as USB device (refer USB Userguide for details)
  • USB CDC Host support
  • Suspend to memory / Resume - Refer to User Guide for more on this.
  • ALSA SoC HDMI Audio Driver
  • Netra quick boot configuration for MMC/SD in u-boot

Fixed in this Release[edit]

This section lists issues fixed in this release:

Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
SDOCM00082716 ti814x: clock: ADPLL's clkout rate is different from what is programmed
SDOCM00081445 FBDev: reshuffle any fb nodes to SDVENC failed
SDOCM00082475 USB:TI8XX: Removal of flash drive during file i/o will lead to crash observed from filesystem module
SDOCM00081534 DM81XX: Dual musb controller with one controller(usb0) as host and other controller(usb1) as device feature is not supported
USB:TI8XX: The file i/o to flash drive fails when connected through Full Speed HUB
SDOCM00083827 omap:mtd:nand: unable to boot uboot if it is flashed from kernel
SDOCM00082763 SD: Hang observed on removal and insertion of sd card
SDOCM00082505 TI81XX: NAND module support: Second insmod of nand driver (omap2.ko) fails due to improper cleanup during rmmod

Known Issues[edit]

This section lists known issues observed in this release:

Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00084027 ti814x: clock: clock parent change is not reflected in debugfs None
SDOCM00084446 ti814x: pm: suspend-resume: DDR should be in self refresh mode before entering suspend None. In the future releasses, DDR will be put in self-refresh mode during suspend to save power and execution should be done from OCMC
Audio: Overrun, underrun errors observed for less period sizes less than 64 frames
 Use period size >64.
Fourth test(try to write off end of device) in mtd_oobtest is failing for read on third mtd partition

This is a limitation in Linux NAND stack. Fourth mtd_oobtest will fail if used in intermediate partitions in a flash device. Hence if mtd4 is used for mtd_oobtest it would succeed.


MMC/SD card's write protect status is not detected.

Writes can happen on the SD/MMC card irrespective of whether the write protect switch on the card is on or off.

Known Issue.

The signal MMC1_SD_WP is by default not connected to pin AG4. Instead signal UART0_DSRn is connected.
So I2C2 on the daughter cards will be lost on using Write Protect functionality.

Kernel build fails if IOMMU Debug-FS is enabled in kernel configuration
Disable iommu debug-fs support during kernel configuration (menuconfig)
CCS based NAND flashing tool can be used only to flash bootloader
This is a limitation mainly due to the different ECC scheme and ECC layouts used for different images. Hence for flashing other images (like linux kernel and filesystem) use u-boot or uart boot mode.
DM81XX:USB: After four times insmod and rmmod of ti81xx.ko in loop causes crash in dma_alloc_free in cppi41dma driver
Remove all the modules in reverse order and insert all modules in right order again.
DM81XX:USB: MUSB_DUAL_ROLE : Host mode is not working for PG1.x under MUSB Dual ROLE
Will be fixed in next release. refer to arago tree for updated patches.
USB_Audio:seeing many warnings while unpluging USB audiodevice and DUT hangs for sometime
Make sure audio play is stopped before removing device.
USB build warnings: Gives out warnings
No workaround.
DebugFS entries for pinmux show incorrect status for pins
DebugFS is currently not supported for DM81xx pinmux. Please refer user guide for details about changing pinmux settings. While the associated register value read from debugfs should still show correct value (only pullup/pulldown decoding is incorrect).
USB:DM814X: Dynamic detection of USB-ID pin not working on DM814X PG2 when device connected after linux bootup
SDOCM00078500 Audio playback cannot start till record is started This issue is seen when running capture and playback simultaneously after boot-up. If either a capture or a playback operation precedes the simultaneous operation then things work fine. This problem is due to the recent changes in the ASoC framework
SDOCM00082699 VPSS: System crashes when re-enabling the display after removing external video encoder After external video encoder is removed, do not disable and re-enable the display via /sys/devices/platform/vpss/display#/enaabled, this leads to system crash, patch is available to fix this.
McSPI loadable module support broken, second time insmod of McSPI driver fails.
None. Requires a system reboot.
Hyperlinks in the PDF documents in the release package are missing
This is a known issue. The PDF rendering tool in processor wiki removes the hyperlinks while generating PDF documents. Please use the online wiki documents mentioned in Useful Links section (at the end of this release notes)
SATA driver does not support suspend/resume
This support is not available in the current release. Hence when the system switches to low power state and if SATA support is enabled in the kernel then the suspend/resume process will not disable SATA module and PHY. But this will not affect the suspend / resume process.

TI816X ALSA SoC Audio Resume Fails due to I/O error
System resume from PM suspend state Causes the background audio playback to fail due to "aplay: pcm_write:1528: write error: Input/output error". This will not block any Suspend/Resume functionality and the audio play back can be restart after the failure with out any issue .
ti814x: cpsw: PTP time syncronization not happening when connected to Port 2
SATA hotplug support does not work after a unplug during read/write access.
Do not unplug SATA cable during access
SATA devices cannot be configured to work in PIO mode using the hdparm tool
None. Only option is to use DMA mode.
Nand 4-bit ECC is not working in both kernel and uboot
We plan to support UBIFS for DM814x.
SATA read/write issues due to internal 20MHz clock
The internal 20MHz clock source for SATA PLL has some issues. This is being used as the default clock for SATA. Hence we were seeing interface fatal errors. This is a hardware issue. The workaround is to either use the 100MHz external clock from PCIe or find a 20mhz clock source on the board and feed into XI/CLKIN. The later option is transparent and does not require code change but the former requires code change and the PCIe PLL has to be programmed for this.
DM81xx:V4L2 Capture: FPS is low with capture +fbdev loop back (PSP04.01.00.06_patch2)
DM81xx:V4L2 Capture: Kernel dump is seen on starting capture (PSP04.01.00.06_patch2)
DM81xx:V4L2 Capture: Filter is always selected for 1080P60 mode (PSP04.00.01.13_patch2)
ti814x: cpsw: memory leak during network device closed and opened again and again

Installation and Usage[edit]

Please look for detailed installation and usage instructions in the User Guide

Upgrade and Compatibility Information[edit]

To upgrade to new PSP release, simply delete the old release and extract the new release in its place.

Device Support[edit]

This release supports the Texas Instruments DM8148 EVM

Validation Information[edit]

This release is tested on DM8148 EVM.

The setup details are as follows:

  • PG2.x DM8148 based EVM with with ARM running at 600 MHz and DDR3 at 400MHz clock, having RGMII for Ethernet ports. This setup has undergone full test coverage.
  • PG1.0 DM8148 based EVM with with ARM running at 600 MHz and DDR2 at 333MHz clock, having GMII for Ethernet port. This setup is sanity tested only.


This is release of TI814X Linux PSP product.

Useful Links[edit]

PSP User Guide

PSP Feature and Performance Guide

PSP Release Download Page

Technical Support and Product Updates[edit]

For further information or to report any problems, contact or

OMAP Linux Mailing List: </div>

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