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DMAI GStreamer Plug-in Roadmap

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The DMAI GStreamer plugin is open source and is driven by community feedback and features. For feature not scheduled you are welcome to submit patches or discuss with the support team scheduling support for your proposed feature. RidgeRun provides professional support for the plugins and can provide required features ahead of schedule (and ensures that any improvements made are available as soon as possible on the trunk of the project).

The team behind the plugins makes quarterly releases of stable code (tested against the supported platforms), and the following is release history and future release roadmap.

For more detail on the new features/patches for released versions, please check the release notes.

Release Date Relevant New Features / Planned Features Compatibility breaks
0.99 Feb 02, '09
  • Initial release
  • See testing matrix for exact list of features supported on a specific processor
    • Processor support: DM355, DM6446, DM6467, OMAP3
    • Container support: AVI, QT, TS
    • Encoder support: YUV
    • Decoder support: AAC, MP3, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, JPEG
1.00 Jun 05, '09
  • Add DM357 support
  • Added support for video encoding elements TIVidenc and TIVidenc1.
  • Patches for v4l2src element in the GST good plugin collection
  • Patch for decodebin and playbin
1.01 Nov 03, '09
  • Add DM365 support
  • Add support for DVSDK on DM6446, DM355, and DM6467.
  • Add support for DVSDK on OMAP35x
  • Addition of dmaiperf element for instrumentation of performance.
  • Upgrade open source software components to the latest versions available on June 12th, 2009.
  • Remove demo scripts from gstreamer_demo directory. Example
    pipelines are now available at Example GStreamer Pipelines
  • Several bug fixes. Please check release notes.
DVSDK 1.xx for DM6446, DM355, DM6467 are no longer supported. Please use v1.00 for DVSDK 1.xx support. Note that all patches/enhancements will be done against the latest ti-dmai-gstreamer release.
2.00 (See GStreamer Plug-in 2.x Design)
  • Most of these features are available now using software on SVN BRANCH_DDOMPE. The software has not been reviewed and tested as well as software on the SVN trunk. The BRANCH_DDOMPE is developed and support by RidgeRun.
  • Replace the open source build of the project by binary images generated from Arago project. Provide detailed instructions to rebuild the open source elements using arago.
  • Major rewrite of the code base to re-factor common functionality on a single class code, making the code more maintainable and simplifying the development of patches.
  • Change on the element naming, creating an element for each codec type and removing the xDM API version from it. Example name of the elements are dmaidec_mpeg4, dmaidec_aaclc, dmaienc_mpeg3, etc.
  • Dynamic detection of the codecs in the Codec Server. Only the actual codecs present will be available as gstreamer elements.
  • Remove internal threading from the plugins. Threading should be handled externally by adding queue elements to the pipeline.
  • Add support for data framers (parsers) for mpeg4, h264, aac formats. This reduce memory consumption for input buffers and enables seek and trick modes.
  • Add support for seek and trick modes.
  • Add support for generation of codec_data for encoders. Provide codec_data generators for mpeg4, h264, aac. This enable the encoded streams to be decodable by QuickTime or standard media players when muxed into an mp4/qt container format.
  • Add basic QoS support for decoder elements.
  • Add resizer element with support for panning and zooming.
  • Reduce memory consumption for output buffers from encoder elements using circular buffer.
  • Support for optional use of extended codec parameters for encoders/decoders.
  • Add extended parameters for TI C64x mpeg4, aac LC/HE encoders (reflecting the options as parameters).
  • Add support for DM355s aac/mp3 codecs (and extended parameters).
  • Add support for OMAP L138
  • Naming conventions of the elements will change
  • Example pipelines will change since external threading will be required.