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DSP/BIOS Support in CCS Eclipse

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Eclipsed-based CCS can work with a number of versions of DSP/BIOS and SYS/BIOS. However it is important to understand that the tooling features that are available vary depending on which version you are using. DSP/BIOS 5.4x is a newer version of DSP/BIOS that is binary compatible with DSP/BIOS 5.3x. The purpose of DSP/BIOS 5.4x is to provide an easy path for existing users to migrate to eclipse-based CCS and be able to access the DSP/BIOS (RTA) tooling that is available in CCSv4 and v5. By contrast you can use DSP/BIOS 5.2 or DSP/BIOS 5.3 with CCSv4 and v5 but you will not get any special debug tooling support. Note that starting with CCSv6, RTA support for DSP/BIOS has been dropped, regardless of the DSP/BIOS version.

Note: The asterisk indicates support for CCSv4 and v5 only.

BIOS 5.2x BIOS 5.3x BIOS 5.4x BIOS 6.xx
Build support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Runtime Object View No No Yes* Yes
CPU Load No No Yes* Yes
Thread Load No No No Yes
LOG_Printf No No Yes* Yes
Execution graph No No No Yes
Statistics Display No No Yes* No