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DSPBIOS LINK WebEx Presentations

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DSP Link is still available for download, but no further releases or updates are planned. Please see IPC Software Options for details and alternatives.

  • TI has conducted a WebEx Sessions on DSP/BIOS LINK
  • The webexes can be accessed via the table below. Note that the wrf has the Webex Player embedded in the stream - you don't need to download anything else.

Sl.No DSP/BIOS Link Web-Ex Recording
1 Migration to DSP/BIOS LINK 1.50

DSP/BIOS LINK WebEx Presentations - In Parts

  • To enable shorter WebEx Recordings the WebEx Recordings the DSPLink Training Session has been split into mulitple logical sessions as per the descriptions in the table below.

Sl.No DSP/BIOS Link Presentation Duration(mins) Description
1 DSP/BIOS Link Overview Training - Part1 11 Introduction to DSP/BIOS LINK
2 DSP/BIOS Link Overview Training - Part2 22 DSP/BIOS Link architecture and Module overview of Proc and MSGQ
3 DSP/BIOS Link Overview Training - Part3 14 Module Overview of CHNL and RINGIO
4 DSP/BIOS Link Overview Training - Part4 17 Module Overview of POOL and NOTIFY
5 DSP/BIOS Link Overview Training - Part5 9 Module Overview of MPCS and MPLIST
6 Migration to DSP/BIOS LINK 1.50 Training - Part1 21 Migrating to DSP/BIOS™ LINK v1.50 : New Features
7 Migration to DSP/BIOS LINK 1.50 Training - Part2 17 Migrating to DSP/BIOS™ LINK v1.50 : Other changes & Backward Compatibility