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The dtc_conf utility delivered as part of CCS provides configuration features for the XDS560V2 Debug Test Controller (DTC). The main features include.

  • Get the current values of DTC configuration variables
  • Set the DTC configuration variables
  • Restore the default values of the DTC configuration variables
  • Update the DTC firmware
  • Reboot the DTC
  • Take the DTC out of safe mode


All the features of the utility may be used via either a USB or Ethernet connection by passing in different values for the adapter and address arguments. The command syntax is shown below with required parameters enclosed by angled brackets <>, and optional parameters enclosed by square brackets [].

dtc_conf <command> <adapter> <address> [options]

These parameters are described below:

  • command - The command to perform. The following commands are supported: get | set | restore | update | boot.
  • adapter - The IO adapter. The following adapters are supported for USB and Ethernet respectively: sd560v2u | sd560v2e
  • address - The DTC address. For USB adapters the address is 0 to N-1, where N is the number of USB DTC that are connected.  For Ethernet adapters the address is the IP address of the DTC.
  • options - Optional arguments depending on the command. Refer to the Examples sections and Options section.

Here is a generic USB command for port 0:

dtc_conf <command> sd560v2u 0 [options]

And here is a generic Ethernet command for IP address

dtc_conf <command> sd560v2e [options]

USB Examples

Below are common examples of using dtc_conf from a USB connection.  Note, these features are also available from the ethernet connection.

  1. Get the current IP address of the DTC
    dtc_conf get sd560v2u 0 ipAddress 
  2. Get the current values for all the DTC variables
    dtc_conf get sd560v2u 0
  3. Update the DTC firmware (NOTE: unplug the ethernet cable, and power cycle the DTC first).
    dtc_conf update sd560v2u 0 <path-to-firmware>
  4. Restore the default values for all the DTC variables
    dtc_conf restore sd560v2u 0
  5. Take the DTC out of safe mode (LED's flashing), note: takes effect after next boot
    dtc_conf set sd560v2u 0 safeMode=false

Ethernet Examples

Below are common examples of using dtc_conf from a Ethernet connection  (with an address of  Note, these features are also available from the USB connection.

  1. See if another user is using the DTC and what their IP address is
    dtc_conf get sd560v2e ipClient 
  2. Set the name of the DTC to "Fred's DTC"
    dtc_conf set sd560v2e dtcName="Fred's DTC" 
  3. Reboot the DTC
    dtc_conf boot sd560v2e 


For a complete list of the options that match the installed version of dtc_conf use the help command.

dtc_conf -h


The dtc_conf utility is included with CCS and should be executed from the directory where it is located. No other installation steps are required. The utility is located in the following directory.

<CCSv4 installation dir>\ccsv4\common\uscif