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The Digital Video Software Development Kit (DVSDK) is common term describing a set of software and data for development targetting for misc TI processors. Only few devices are supported by a specific version. Newer versions are typically for newer chip designs. Device support has been added and dropped every now and then in the long term development of packages bearing this label.

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Overview: DVSDK target variants at Update Advisor

Note: The above linked page states that there are currently no community linux based DVSDKs. This might be outdated.

The latest inclusion of a specific device type is highlighted in bold. RN stands for release notes. DL stands for download.

DSP-Only based Devices


  • DSP/BIOS DVSDK v1.01 (Supports DM6437)
  • DSP/BIOS DVSDK v1.10 (Supports DM648)
  • DSP/BIOS DVSDK v1.11 (Supports DM648/DM6437, with combined PSP)

DSP/ARM based (DaVinci) Devices running Monta Vista Linux

DL: MontaVista Linux based DVSDKs (for v1.30,v1.40,v2.00)

  • MVL-based DVSDK v1.30 (Supports DM6446 and DM355)
  • MVL-based DVSDK v1.40 (Supports DM6467)
  • MVL-based DVSDK v2.00 (Supports DM355, DM6446, DM6467) DL:DVSDK_2_00
  • Linux DVSDK v2.05 (Supports DM357)
  • Linux DVSDK v2.10 (Supports DM365) DL:DVSDK_2_10
  • Linux DVSDK v3.01 (Supports OMAP3530 and OMAP3525; special support for OMAP35x EVM)
  • Linux DVSDK v3.10 (Supports DM6467T and DM355) DL:DVSDK_3_10

Misc devices running Linux

DVSDK for Windows CE

  • DVSDK for Windows CE 5.0
  • DVSDK for Windows CE 6.0

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