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Debug Configuration Initialization Scripts

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You use CCS. You want to debug execution on a deeply embedded processor in a complex SOC (system on a chip). It take multiple non-trivial steps to establish control, load, and begin execution. You would like a straightforward way to perform those steps repeatedly.

This page introduces a new method for solving this problem. It's an experiment. Depending on how it goes, this solution will be distributed for more systems, and perhaps even integrated into CCS itself.

Run a DSS Script When the Debugger Launches

DSS stands for Debug Server Scripting. It is a programming method commonly used to control CCS from the command line, typically to run regression tests. But you can also invoke DSS scripts from within CCS. This article describes one way to invoke DSS from within CCS.

The first time the debugger is launched for a project, a debug configuration is automatically created and associated with that project. It would be even more accurate to call it a debug launch configuration. But this article uses the same term as CCS: debug configuration. One of the fields in a debug configuration is the Initialization Script. This DSS script runs whenever the debugger is launched.

How to Add a Script to the Debug Configuration

The section presumes you are in the Debug perspective, and you have attempted to launch the debugger (with the green bug icon) at least once. This means a default Debug Configuration has already been created for your project. These steps describe how to add the initialization script to the Debug Configuration.

  1. Click the down arrow next to the Debug icon and select Debug Configurations
  2. The debug configuration for the current project should appear in directory tree like structure on the left, and it should be highlighted.
  3. Next to Initialization Script click either File System or Workspace. If the initialization script is stored in the project, choose Workspace. Otherwise click File System.
  4. Browse to where the script is located and select it.
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Apply
  7. Click Close

Example Scripts

These are all .zip files that contain a single .js file.

  • - For debugging code on PRU core of the AM335x device on BeagleBone Black or BeagleBone White