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Debugging With Common Platform Tracer

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This article applies to only Keystone devices (TMS320C6670, TMS320TCI6616, TMS320C6672, TMS320C6674, TMS320C66678, TMS320C6657, TMS320C6614, TMS320C6612, ...)

Keystone CP Tracers provide slave bus profiling and event trace logging of individual accesses to the slave module. For an introduction to Keystone CP Tracers see CP Tracer Details.

CP Tracers can be configured from your application using a CPTLib or from CCS (see  Overview). For CP Tracer examples, STM data capture instructions and CP Tracer data visualization see Common Platform Tracer Examples.

Results can be shown in CCS as either a list, graph or exported to other tools in .csv format.

List form:

CPTLib XDS CorePac1L2 TotalUseCase.png

Graphical form:

alt text