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DeployApp GUI Composer

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Deploy Application

To deploy an application for use with GUI Composer runtime, click on the Export toolbar button in the Application Designer window and then fill in the required fields.

  • Location: The output zip file
  • Device Filter: An regular expression, used to match the available devices in the runtime configuration page (optional)
  • Device: The default device for the runtime configuration page
  • Connection Filter: An regular expression, used to match the available connections in the runtime configuration page (optional)
  • Connection: The default connection for the runtime configuration page
  • Program File: The program file to be use by the webapp

When UART connection type is selected in the export dialog, two additional properties are required.

  • COM Port Filter: An regular expression, used to match the name of the COM in the runtime configuration page
  • Baud Rate: The default baud rate to select for the runtime configuration page

You can also override these settings by including an appConfig.ccxml file in your webapp folder, the device and connection options will be ignored by the runtime when launching the webapp.

After the application is packaged into a zip file, extract the files into the GUI Composer runtime webapps folder. Double clicks on the launcher.exe to execute the application.

Click here to watch the demo video.

Application Content

The deployed application contains two set of files, framework files and user files. The framework files are used to initialize the target and configure the target before executing the user files. The application is not limited to the default framework provided by the Application Designer, developer can substitute the default framework with another, as long as the naming convention is followed.

Framework Files

  • index.html: The runtime bootstrap html file
  • .appsettings: A property file that stores the user selected properties in the export dialog
  • launcher.exe: The launcher shortcut to start GUI Composer with the enclosed webapp
  • launcher.ini: Launcher executable configuration file (not provided by default), enter -vmargs -Dwindow.height=100 -Dwindow.width=100 to control the height and width of the window

User Files

  • app.css: A CSS file that you can use to override the default style of the webapp
  • app.js: Place all browser side javascript code here
  • app.json: The server binding file for the app.html
  • app.html: The main user webpage, addition user page can be reference within this page
  • appConfig.ccxml: To override the default ccxml file generation, place this file in the app folder
  • appProgram.out: The application program file
  • appInitScript.js: A DSS script to initialize the target
  • dsScript.js: A file where you can define DSS script (functions), action binding can be use to invoke function defined in this file