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EABI stands for Embedded Application Binary Interface

The EABI defines the low-level interface between programs, program components, and the execution environment, including the operating system if one is present. Components of the EABI include calling conventions, data layout and addressing conventions, object file formats, and dynamic linking mechanisms. The purpose of the specification is to enable tool providers, software providers, and users of to build tools and programs that can interoperate with each other.

C6000 provides advanced features that are only supported in EABI including shared object files (aka dynamic linking) and thread-local support.

All active TI targets will eventually completely drop support for COFF ABI. Some targets have only ever supported EABI.

EABI documentation

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ARM EABI Migration

C6000 EABI Migration

Calling Convention and ABI Changes in MSP GCC

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ARP32 and PRU only ever supported EABI

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