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EZ-House uses the Chronos watch as a control device for the AC system. It is also expandable to control the garage door, the main door of the house and any other application such as projector screens or hearths.

Functional Description:This project is designed to make the user’s life easier. It has the capability of building a wireless interface with several domestic appliances to remote control them. For instance, it is possible to control your thermostat by just pressing a button on your watch, and even better, the thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature on your house by reading the temperature sensed by your Chronos Watch! (In Progress)

  • The majority of energy consumption in a home consists in heating/cooling space. Using EZ-House allows the user to control this problem in an easier and more effective way by the aid if a Texas Instrument’s microprocessor embedded in consumer electronics’ design.
  • Programmable thermostats allow the user to save energy without sacrificing comfort by scheduling heating and cooling operations only when needed. In such way that you can have a comfortable environment when you wake up or arrive to your office or home and allowing turning off the equipment and saving energy when nobody is around.
  • By having minor hardware changes, such as displays and buttons it is possible to cover the full spectrum of thermostats. From low end non-programmable to full programmable remote controlled high end. Definitely this product has the potential to be distributed to many commercial channels such as retail and professional installed to OEM.



  • Ivon Ayala
  • Efrain Gaxiola
  • Ismael Quintanilla

{{#evp:youtube|6oltSZavUug|Thermostat demonstration|right}}


  • Interfaces via wireless with a thermostat
  • Temperature sensor
  • Automatically adjust temperature by just pressing a button on the watch
  • Capability of building schedule heating and cooling cycles to save energy.

Pictures & Videos

Here are some pictures of the simulated thermostat control, where the red LED is the heater, the Yellow LED is the fan and the Green LED is the AC.

Source Code

  • Click on the link below to downlad the Zip file with the source code.



Click on the icon to view the schematic