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EZ430 Emulator Upgrade

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The firmware on the eZ430 emulator can be manually upgraded in order to add new functionality such as the Application UART and to support additional MSP430 devices. The latest version of the eZ430 emulator is included with the eZ430-Chronos. It supports the broadest range of MSP430 devices including the MSP430F2xx, 5xx, and CC430 devices. It's recommended to use the Chronos emulator firmware in order to have the latest device support.

Note: The original eZ430-F2013 emulator with the 4-pin header cannot be upgraded using this method because it contains unique functionality for both the MSP430F1612 and the TUSB3410 which doesn't support the new firmware.

This procedure is NOT supported by TI. Do so at your own risk.

Hardware Requirements

  1. eZ430 Rev 2 Emulator.  Available on eZ430-RF2500
  2. MSP-FET430UIF
  3. 0.1" Pin headers
  4. Short wire or an alligator clip (preferred)

EZ430 Firmware Download

eZ430 Firmware V30394216 Release Date: 11/09/2011

<imagemap> Image:download_button.jpg|alt=Download eZ430 Firmware

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Release Notes

Supported Features:

  • LPMx.5 debug support( if device supports this)
  • FRAM memory technology support
  • FR5739 MPU handling
  • FastEasy: fast FLASH and FRAM programming

Supported Devices:

  • CC430 Family
  • FR573x Family
  • 5510 Family
  • 5529 Family
  • 5172 Family
  • 5438 Family
  • 5438A Family
  • 2GXX Family
  • 2xx Family

Supported Tools:

  • CC430-EXP
  • FR5739-EXP
  • 5529-EXP
  • Fossil Watch
  • Chronos Watch
  • Launchpad
  • ez430-2500RF


  1. Modify the MSP-FET430UIF’s JTAG Cable to connect to eZ430. The easiest way consists of:
    1. 4x1 0.1” header starting on pin 1 (all of the signals are on the same side of the header)
    2. Wire on pin 9 (GND)
      Connections on the FET
  2. Connect the eZ430 emulator to the FET. (Ignore TP2 on the eZ430). Connect external power via the USB port.
    eZ430 JTAG Connections
  3. Update the eZ430 firmware using the Elprotronic FET-Pro430 software.

    Configure the following FET-Pro430 settings:
    1. Select “Open Code File” > Browse to new firmware image. (Download the eZ430 Emulator Firmware)
    2. Select Microcontroller Type: MSP430F1612
    3. Under Setup > Connection / Device Reset ensure the following:
      1. “JTAG (4 wires)” is selected
      2. The COM port corresponds to your FET tool (says something like “COM111”)
    4. Select “AUTO PROG.”
      1. If the upgrade fails, double check your settings and your hardware connections.
FETPro-430 Configuration Screenshot