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Emulation Connect/Disconnect

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  • Emulation Connection/Disconnect is a feature in which the debug software (Code Composer Studio (CCS)) allows the user to determine whether a debug connection is established or not.
  • This feature increases the stability of the Code Composer Studio (CCS) enviornment by allowing the target to be disconnected even when CCS assumes it is debugging that target. This diconnection can occur because the device being debugged has moved into an invalid state, has been powered off, or the connection has been physically severed (plug pulled out). Without connect/disconnect, CCS would wait for a response indefinately. With connect/disconnect, CCS indicates to the user that the target is disconnected, preserving the users's working environment.
  • This feature allows users to power-cycle the target without having to close CCS. For example, while debugging a device, if a user decides that the target needs to be power-cycled, they can ask CCS to disconnect itself from the target. Once this is done, they can power-cycle the target. Once the power-cycle is complete, they can simply ask CCS to connect to the target again and resume debug of the device.