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Emulation Porting Kit

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  • TI 3rd parties provide XDS510™ and XDS560™ class emulators that support real-time JTAG scan-based emulation with product support across the complete line of TI devices. These emulators are tightly integrated with the Code Composer Studio IDE™ to make all of TI's real-time emulation control and visualization capabilities available to the developer. TI 3rd parties provide logic analyzers, hardware testing equipment, and a wide array of emulators that support different host I/O interfaces, including USB, Ethernet, PCI, parallel port, PCMCIA, and ISA bus.
    • Warning Warning: Note that Emulation Porting Kits are no longer available to new partners.

Test Automation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need an EPK for XDS100?

Q: Do I need an EPK for XDS110?

  • A: No. All of the required software for XDS110 is included with CCS. There is no additional software required from the vendor.