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Flashing NAND Flash

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Please visit Serial_Boot_and_Flash_Loading_Utility for the latest information on tools for flashing the NAND on the DaVinci family of devices. This page is being left intact for archival purposes, but its content is out of date.

Flashing UBL and U-Boot Bootloaders to NAND Flash

This page discusses how to flash the UBL and U-Boot boot loader to the NAND flash on the DM644x board using TI DVFlasher utility.

Download the DVFlasher utility and boot loader binaries

  • Browse to If you have not already created an account do so now. If you already have an account, select the "Go to Software Update Site" link.
  • Log into your account and select the "DM644x DVEVM" section from the "Davinci Software Updates" page.
  • In the "DaVinci DM644x EVM Miscellaneous Components" section download the DVFlasher utility. i.e. dvflasher_1_12.tar.gz
  • In the "DaVinci DM644x EVM Miscellaneous Components" section download the restore files. i.e. restore_1_20_00_10.tar.gz

Make a working directory

 host$ mkdir /home/user/workdir
 host$ cp dvflasher_x_xx.tar.gz /home/user/workdir
 host$ cp restore_x_xx_00_10.tar.gz /home/user/workdir

Unpack the downloaded files

 host$ cd /home/user/workdir
 host$ tar xzf dvflasher_x_xx.tar.gz
 host$ tar xzf restore_x_xx_xx_xx.tar.gz
 host$ chmod +w restore
 host$ cd restore
 host$ tar xzf Release_BinaryPackage.tar.gz

You should now have the DVFlasher utility unpacked in the working directory and a directory containing the ubl and u-boot binaries in the restore/Release_BinaryPackage directory. Follow the directions in the readme.txt file to flash the ubl and u-boot bootloaders to you DM644x board's NAND flash. For example:

 host$ make
 host$ cd exe

NOTE: For Linux systems you will need to install the mono package. See the readme.txt file for more information on mono.

Program the NAND flash

  • With the DM644x board powered off set the J4 jumper to NAND and set the S3 red switch to 1100111110 where 1=on and 0=off.
  • You can specify the serial port to use and other options.
 host$ mono DVFlasher_1_12.exe --help
  • Power on the DM644x board.
 host$ mono DVFlasher_1_12.exe -enand
  • Power cycle the board
 host$ mono DVFlasher_1_12.exe -fnandbin ../restore/Release_BinaryPackage/u-boot-594-nand.bin

NOTE: You may need to specify the -p option if you are using a com port other than the default 'COM1' or '/dev/ttyS0'

NOTE: You must not have any other program using the serial connection. i.e. minicom.

After completing the steps in the readme.txt file you can now check that the ubl and u-boot bootloaders have been successfully flashed to the DM644x board.

Test the installation

  • Power off the DM644x board
  • Set the S3 red switch to 0000111110 where 1=on and 0=off
  • Connect to the board with a serial console. i.e. minicom
  • Power on the DM644x board
  • You should now see u-boot load. Press any key to halt the boot process.

DVFlasher source code

You can also access the DVFlasher source code.