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GSG: OMAP35xx WinCE DVSDK Hardware Setup

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This topic tells you how to set up the OMAP 35x EVM hardware.

Obtaining the EVM hardware

DVSDK WinCE 100 has been developed and tested on the OMAP35xx EVM (TMDXEVM3503 and TMDSEVM3530)devloped by Mistral Solutions Inc. You can order the OMAP35x EVM directly from Mistral Solutions Inc. by visiting The datasheet for this EVM is available here.

Important Note: The OMAP35x EVM kit comes with a Linux-based DVSDK and software getting started instructions. Please ignore the software setup instructions that come with the OMAP35x EVM from Mistral Solutions. Instead, follow these wiki-based instructions for the WinCE-based version of the DVSDK.

Setting up the EVM hardware

To set up the hardware provided with the DVEVM kit, use the hardware setup steps provided with the OMAP35x EVM from Mistral Solutions Inc. You may skip steps if you do not need to access a particular peripheral. For example, if you do not need to use the serial cable, skip that step.

Caution: The EVM board is sensitive to static discharges. Use a grounding strap or other device to prevent damaging the board. Be sure to connect communication cables before applying power to any equipment.

What next?

The next chapter of this Getting Started Guide is GSG: OMAP35xx WinCE DVSDK Software Setup.