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GUI Composer/Debugger Refresh Rate

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Controlling the refresh rate of a GUI Composer application

When the target is running, all variables that have widgets bound to them are read every second. The application may want to increase or decrease that rate based on its needs. For example with slow communication to the target and a lot of data to be transfer, the rate should be decreased. When faster feedback is needed and the data can be handled properly, the rate can be increased. It any case, making the rate faster that 200 milliseconds is not recommended. To set the refresh rate to 2 seconds an entry can be added to the application's app.json file.

<syntaxhighlight lang=Javascript>


    "serverBindName": "$refresh_interval",
    "options": {
        "dataType": "Long",
        "defaultValue" : "2000"



Alternatively, a widget that controls the rate can be bind to $refresh_interval.The binding is bidirectional.

In rare cases GUI Composer can remove that record when the user edits the application’s HTML file. Make sure the binding exist in app.json when the application is completed.