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GUI Composer/Tracing

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Enable tracing in GUI Composer Runtime

Here are the steps to enable tracing in GUI Composer Runtime. These instructions are for the the default application that ships with the GUI Composer Runtime. If you are using different application, please replace modem_m3 with your application name in the second command. Application name is the directory name where you start executable to run an application under webapps folder.

  • Unzip in into your <GUI_COMPOSER_INSTALL_DIR>\guicomposer\eclipse folder. It adds two files to the folder: eclipsec.exe and
  • Open a command prompt window and type the following two commands:
 cd <GUI_COMPOSER_INSTALL_DIR>\guicomposer\eclipse
 eclipsec.exe -debug -vmargs -Dgc.webApp=modem_m3 > all.log 2>&1
  • After closing the GUI Composer Runtime there will a log file named all.log inside the folder <GUI_COMPOSER_INSTALL_DIR>\guicomposer\eclipse