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Grace Installation

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Follow these steps to install the Grace plug-in into Code Composer Studio:

Install Code Composer Studio

Before installing Grace, make certain that you are using Code Composer Studio (CCS) v4.2.0 up to v6.1.2 (the CCS v6 plug-in will not be updated beyond this version). To see what version you have, in CCS select Help->About Code Composer Studio. CCS is available at

Special Note to Users of Previous Grace Beta Products

Users who participated in an earlier Grace Beta program may have an older version of the Grace and XDCtools products still installed. To avoid the possibility of interactions with newer versions of XDCtools, please uninstall existing xdctools folders from your machine, using the uninstaller program located in the xdctools directory.

Special Note to users of DSP/BIOS 5.x

Installing Grace v1.00.xx will interfere with the DSP/BIOS 5.x configuration tool. If you are a DSP/BIOS 5.x user, please download XDCtools v3.22 (or later) from the XDCtools Download Page and install it in the same folder that Grace was installed (typically, C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\).

Run the Grace Installer

This version of Grace is provided with a stand-alone installation program.

1. Download the standalone Grace installer grace_setupwin32_1_00_00_79.exe to a local directory on your workstation's hard drive. Grace is available at here.

2. Run the installer and specify the location of your CCS folder. By default, this location is: c:\Program Files\Texas Instruments. Note: if you specify an installation location that does not have a ccsv4 folder, a warning will appear.

3. After installation is complete start CCS4.2.x. The IDE should detect the presence of the new Grace and XDCtools components and confirm that they should be installed.

4. Allow CCS to restart. You should see the Grace welcome screen appear inside the CCS IDE.

Grace v3

Grace version 3 is only available via the CCS App Center accessible from inside Code Composer Studio v6.1.x. Instructions on how to access this and download additional dependencies are shown at this e2e forum thread.


To uninstall Grace, simply run the unistaller located in the Grace folder.

If You Need Further Assistance

If you have any issues installing the Grace product, please ask for help on the E2E forum at