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Grace Quick Start Guide

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Meet Grace

Grace is a tool that allows you as an MSP430 developer to generate the peripheral’s set up code within minutes. This will save you much of the work of poring through user guides and copying code examples and allow you to focus on the more important aspects of your application.
Fully harness MSP430 MCUs integrated analog and digital peripherals with Grace Software
Enable and configure I/Os, ADCs, DACs, timers, clocks, serial communication interfaces and more, by interacting with buttons, drop-down menus, and text fields. Navigate through the MSP430 MCUs highly integrated peripheral set with ease.

Grace software supports the following devices:

  • MSP430G2xx Value Line Devices
  • MSP430F2xx Devices
  • MSP430FR57xx Devices
  • MSP430FR584x(1) Devices
  • MSP430FR585x Devices
  • MSP430FR586x(1) Devices
  • MSP430FR594x(1) Devices
  • MSP430FR595x Devices
  • MSP430FR596x(1) Devices

This means it supports the MSP430 MCUs most popular tools such as MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad, eZ430-F2013, eZ430-RF2500 and other tool kits.

Grace stand-alone program creates projects for Code Composer Studio software or IAR

The Grace software tool generates easy-to-understand C code. You can copy this code and be inserted into your application. Or use Grace to build a starter project.

How do I get Grace?

Questions? Feedback? Please use the MSP430 section of the E2E forum at to contact us!

Get started quickly and learn as you go

For a quick overview please download the Grace Getting Started Guide!

Integrated documentation. Grace is based on existing MSP430 user guides and datasheets to provide a consistent look and feel between printed resources and Grace's virtual screen. This eliminates the need to thumb through hundreds of pages of documentation!

Helpful Tooltips. Hover-overs and popups are integrated into every interactive element of Grace, offering useful information to guide the
peripheral configuration process.
Get started now. Example projects can be used to learn about Grace and the Code Composer Studio environment... or used as a starting point for your own application development. The examples are contained in MSP430Ware

Prevents collisions & contradicting configurations.

As developers enable and configure the various peripherals, Grace will provide instant notifications of configuration errors. This ensures inter-peripheral configurations are consistent. 

Edits & changes in one peripheral can be compensated in other modules as well. For example, changing the CPU clock speed will not break a pre-configured baud rate in the Universal Serial Communication Interface module!

Grace generates human-readable C-code.

Once you're done enabling and configuring the various peripherals required for your application, Grace will generate fully-commented, easy-to-read C-code at build time.

Unlike other options that are available, which output cryptic assembly language, Grace generates C-code that is fully modular and is automatically inserted into the active project in Code Composer Studio.

This code can be debugged and downloaded to your MSP430 device just like traditionally written code.