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Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) is the lowest software layer. It contains software modules with direct access to MCU and is responsible for system initialization. HALCoGen allows users to generate these HAL device drivers for Hercules™ safety critical microcontrollers. Simple GUI helps in configuring and generating the microcontroller abstraction layer including the safety related functions.

HALCoGen - Overview

Supported Features

HALCoGen - Drivers Supported

Software Maturity Table

last updated - 12-Oct-2015

Device Family Software Quality Device Family Software Quality
TMS470M Beta TMS570LS20x Beta
TMS570LS31x GA RM48x GA
TMS570LS21x GA RM46x GA
TMS570LS12x GA TMS570LS11x GA
TMS570LS04x GA RM42x GA
TMS570LS03x GA RM41x GA
TMS570LS02x GA
TMS570LS09x_07x GA RM44x GA
TMS570LC43x GA RM57Lx GA

Coding Guidelines ( MISRA-C)

C Coding Guidelines
Assembly Coding Guidelines


Latest Version

Latest Version Page Release Note
Latest TI FEE Driver Information

Old Version's

Version 03.04.00
Release Note
Version 03.05.02
Release Note
Version 03.06.00
Release Note
Version 03.08.00
Release Note
Version 03.08.01
Release Note
Version 03.09.00
Release Note
Version 04.00.00
Release Note
Version 04.01.00
Release Note
Version 04.02.00
Release Note
Version 04.03.00
Release Note
Version 04.04.00
Release Note
Version 04.05.00
Release Note
Version 04.05.01
Release Note
Version 04.05.02
Release Note
Version 04.06.00
Release Note
Version 04.06.01
Release Note

Known Issues in Latest version

last updated - 01-Aug-2016

CQ Bug ID Platform Severity Workaround Committed to version Description

Sample Codes


More Sample Examples can be found under examples folder in HALCoGen Installed Folder.