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Hercules ARM Safety MCUs mod1.JPG

What Is the HDK Experimenter Board ?

All of the Hercules Development Kit products include an expansion interface that allows a customer to design their own add-on boards. To help expedite the development of custom add-on boards, we've designed a simple add-on board that includes the following features:

  • Expansion Headers J9, J10, and J11 from the HDK Boards Wired to 0.100" x 0.100" Grid Holes
  • Large Prototype Area of 0.100" x 0.100" Holes
  • LIN Transceiver: SN65HVDA100-Q1 and connector
  • Isolated CAN Transceiver: ISO1050 With RJ-45 Style Jack
  • Dual Channel FlexRay Transceiver (TJA1082 with SPI Control) and connectors for TMS570 HDKs only.
  • Adapter for TPIC7312 EVM (deprecated)

Compatible HDKs:




Not compatible with:

  • TMS570LS20x Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK).
  • TMS570 or RM4 Control Cards
  • TMS570 or RM4 USB Sticks


Schematics: HDK_Experimenter_Schematic_Revstar.pdf

Mechanical: HDK_Experimenter_MechDrawing_Revstar.pdf (In case you just need connector locations)


Gerber files are included in the Sources Download. There is a Gerber subdirectory. Zip this up and send it to your favorite board shop or modify the design to your liking.


Hdk experimenter

There could still be mistakes in this design, even though efforts were made to create them accurately. TI is not responsible for losses due to errors in this library. Double check the design before you use it, and report any errors to the comments of this page.

Created using KiCad


We fabricated a few of these boards to test the design, and you can do the same simply by sending the GERBER files to your preferred PCB shop. We used the PCB shop Advanced Circuits for our prototypes and we designed the PCB to be able to qualify for their low cost: $33 Each package requirements (example: maximum through hole/inch).