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How to install the terminal plugin in CCSv5

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This article can help you to install the terminal plugin in CCSv5

The terminal plugin is developed by the open source community and provides the terminal view in the CCSv5 IDE.
From the terminal view, the users can connect to a remote target via a serial port or over TCP/IP using the TELNET or SSH protocol.

Here are the steps to install the plugins:

  • To install plugins, go to menu Help --> Install New Software
  • Before CCS 5.1: Add the Target Management repository
  • CCS 5.1 and 5.2: Click on the link Available Software Sites and enable the Target Management repository from the dialog box. The one that has the link to
  • In the top Work With: drop-down menu, select the Target Management Terminal plugin, follow the instructions to install the plugin and restart CCSv5.
    • In CCSv5.1 and 5.2 select the link shown in the step above. In the box for the updates expand the entry TM and RSE 3.3.1 Main Features and select Target Management Terminal.
  • After restart, go to menu Help --> Install New Software
  • Click on the button Add, give it a name RXTX repository and add the proper URL:
  • Select the latest version of the RXTX End-User Runtime (you may need to expand the plug-in version tree), continue to finish the plugin installation and restart CCSv5.

How to use the terminal view:

  • Select Window -> Show View -> Other
  • Enter "Terminal" in the text box to select the view
  • Configure the terminal view as needed

See this E2E forum post for a similar explanation. |