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How to test USB wifi

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Please follow the steps below for this.

Compiling Linux kernel and Ralink driver for DWA-125 module

  • Download the DWA-125 driver from ralink website.
  • Untar the driver
  • $ vi Makefile and do below changes
  * Enable "PLATFORM = DM6446" If your platform is not mentioned there. Usually DM6446 can be enabled for all TI platforms.
  * Set linux source path at "LINUX_SRC" for chosen platform
  * Set compile tool chain detail for chosen platform. 
  • $ vi os/linux/
  * Export CFLAGS for chosen platform. We added "EXTRA_CFLAGS := $(WFLAGS) -I$(RT28xx_DIR)/include -I$(LINUX_SRC)/include" for DM6446.
  • Enable below config in linux kernel tree and compile the kernel first.

You can just enable CONFIG_USB_ZD1201 at Drivers->Network driver->Wireless-> and that will enable all below.

  • Do a make to build ralink module
  * $ make
  * Should see rt3070sta.ko

Setting up a WiFi router

  * Assign a SSID to WiFi router
  * Choose OPEN and encryption mode as NONE

Testing DWA-125 module

  * insmod rt3070rta.ko
  * ifconfig ra0 up
  * ./iwlist ra0 scan /* it should shop up the WiFi network */
  * ./iwpriv ra0 set AuthMode=OPEN
  * ./iwpriv ra0 set EncrypType=NONE
  * ./iwpriv ra0 set SSID="SSID name of WiFi network"
  * either run dhcp to get new ip address OR use statically defined ip address if dhcp is disabled in router setting.
  * run tftp server on a laptop which is also connected to same WiFi network.
  * Transfer files from target board to PC using tftp command.